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Cosmetic service for care if the hands, skin and nails, cosmetic treatments and procedures, polishing techniques and artificial nail applications


Term for nails

Nail plate

Translucent portion of the nail, extending from the nail root to the free edge, sometimes referred to as the nail body

Free edge

Part of nail plate that is past the fingertip


Skin between free edge and fingertip of natural nail

Nail bed

Portion of skin that the nail plate rests on as it grows out

Bed epithelium

Thin layer of skin cells between the nail bed and the nail plate


The small portion of non-living epidermis extending around the base of the nail


Whitish, half moon shape at the base of the nail


Part of the nail that extends below the nail root and helps to produce the nail plate

Nail folds

Folds of normal skin that surround the natural nail plate

Nail sidewall aka lateral nail fold

The piece of skin that overlaps onto the side of the nail

Nail grooves

Slits or grooves on the sides of the nail that allow growth


Living skin at the base of the nail plate that partially overlaps lunula


Additional or excessive skin that overlaps onto the sides of the nail plate

Agnail aka hang nail

The split cuticle around the nail

Bruised nail

Dark purplish discoloration under the nail caused by trauma

Eggshell nail

Noticeably thin, white nail plate that is more flexible than normal

Leukonychia aka white spots

Whitish discoloration of the nails caused by injury


Darkening of the nails caused by excess melanin, may be in a band or stripe

Nail psoriasis

Noninfectious condition that affects the surface of the natural nail, nail will appear pitted and/or have roughness on the surface

Nail pterygium

Forward growth of living skin that adheres to the surface of the nail plate


Ingrown nail


Bitten nails


Abnormal brittleness of the nail plate

Ridge aka furrow or corrugation

Vertical or horizontal indentation running the length or width of the nail plate


General term for any nail disease or deformity

Onychomycosis aka tinea unguium

Fungal infection of the nail

Tinea pedis aka athletes foot

Fungal infection that can occur on the bottom of the feet, as well as, between the toes, which can spread to the toenails


Inflammation of the nail matrix


Loosening or separation, without shedding, of the nail plate from the nail bed


Bacterial inflammation of the skin surrounding the nail plate


Spongy, respiratory organs responsible for inhaling and exhaling

Quaternary Ammonium compounds aka quats

Standard name for disinfectants


Extremely flammable, colorless liquid that evaporates quickly

Sodium hypochlorite

Commonly known as bleach


Strong, high pH disinfectant

Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP)

Disinfectant based on a stabilized hydrogen peroxide that is non-toxic to the skin and environment, this type of disinfectant only needs to be changed every 14 days


Largest bone in upper arm, extending from the shoulder to the elbow


Inner and larger bone on the outside of the forearm, located on the pinky side