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List the main fungus causers of Lung infiltrates or disease..
2. Blastomycosis
3. Coccidiodomycosis
4. Cryptococcosis
5. Aspergillosis
6. Zygomycosis
7. Sporotrichosis
If you have a combination of skin, mucous membranes, and gastrointestinal tract problems, what would be a likley fungal etiologic agent?
List the major skin and subcutaneous infective fungi.
2. Sporotrichosis
3. Chromoblastomycosis
4. Rhinosporidiosis
5. Tinea nigra
6. Pithyosis
7. Hyalohyphomycosis
What are the 4 main superficial fungal disease organisms to cause superficial mycoses?
1. Pityriasis versicolor "spaghetti and meatballs"
2.Tinea Nigra "black lesions on palms and soles"
3.Black Piedra "hard hair, comb clicking when brushed"
4. White Piedra "soft non-clicking, non-pigmented hair shaft lesion"
What is special about the spread of deramtophytes?
They are the only funguses that can be transmitted from person to person...
What are the three main genera of dermatophytes?
1. Trichophyton
2. Microsporum
3. Epidermophyton
What causes Ectothrix infections?
It is a tenia capitis issue, charactorized by invasion of the outer hair cuticle.
1. Microsporum audouinii (flouresent yellow/green hair,,,epidemic)
2. M. canis (FY/G Hair)
3.M. gypseum non-fluor.
4.Trichophyton mentagrophytes non-flour.
5. Tri. rubrum nonflour.(wine colored pigment n culture)
What causes Endothrix?
1.Tric. tonsurans (black dot effect on folicle)
2. Tric. schoenleinii(causes flour. blue hair)
3. Tric. violaceum (violet colored pigment in colony