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chronic low back pain duration?
3+ months
low back pain causes?
muscle strain, osteoarthritis, disc problems
low back pain tx?
exercise & rest
low back pain nursing dx?
pain, impaired physical mobility, knowledge deficit
low back pain nursing teaching?
body mechanics, sleeping positions, back exercises, stress reduction, altered work habits
bursitis/tendonitis tx?
rest of extremity, alternate ice & heat, & NSAIDs
Carpal Tunnel caused by?
compression of median nerve @ wrist
Carpal Tunnel manifestations?
pain, numbness, paresthesia, weakness of #1-3 digits
Tinel's sign?
pt reports pain, tingling, or numbness when you compress nerve
Carpal Tunnel tx?
splints, rest from repetative motions, NSAIDs, cortisone injections, possible surgery
gelantinous cyst usually found near the tendon sheath on the dorsum of the wrist
Ganglion tx?
aspiration or surgical removal
Dupuytren's contracture
inherited; causes contacture of 4th & 5th digits
Dupuytren's contracture tx?
surgical removal of the fascia w/ strengthening exercises post-op
Nsg dx for wrist/hand surgery?
risk for neurovascular dysfunction, pain re: inflammation, risk for infection re: surgery, self care deficit
wrist/hand surgery assessment interventions?
color, temp, cap refill, movement, & edema q2-4h
wrist/hand surgery pain interventions?
analgesics, ice (or ice/heat)24h, elevate heart level
wrist/hand surgery monitor interventions?
elevated temp, drainage, increased pain or swelling
displacement of great toe toward other toes
hammertoe (flexion deformity of the interphalangeal joint
pes cavus (clawfoot deformity) causes?
heredity, DM, tertiary syphillis
pes cavus (clawfoot deformity) tx?
exercise, braces, surgery
morton's neuroma?
neuroma-like mass of the median plantar nerve
morton's neuroma manifestations?
burning pain & ischemia
morton's neuroma tx?
foot protectors, hydrocortisone injections, surgery
Nsg dx for post-op (foot)?
risk for altered peripheral tissue perfusion, pain, impaired physical mobility, risk for infection
Nsg assessment interventions for post-op (foot)?
NV checks q2h for 24h, elevate to heart level, ice 24h, analgesics
Nsg teaching interventions for post-op (foot)?
non-wt/partial wt bearing, use of crutches/walker, keep covered, s/sx of infection or impaired circulation to report
calcitonin decreased, estrogen decreased, parathyroid hormone increased
osteoporosis can cause?
spntaneous fractures, kyphosis w/ possible pulmonary restriction
osteoporosis risks?
small boned white women, smoking, caffeine, alcohol, little/no exercise, nutritional deficits
osteoporosis medical conditions risks?
cushing's, hyperthyroidism, & renal/liver failure
osteoporosis medication risks?
corticosteroids, INH, anticonvulsants, heparin, lasix
increase bone mass with?
vitD, calcium, & wt bearing exercises
medications to increase bone mass?
HRT, calcium & vitD, fosamax (alendronate), calcitonin (nasal spray, SQ, IM
adult form of rickets
osteomalacia causes what?
pain, tenderness of bones, kyphosis, bending of long bones
osteomalacia caused by?
deficiency of activated VitD (calcium & phosphate don't calcify bones)
osteomalacia tx?
increased Vit D (monitor for excess), calcium, sunlight
paget's disease
chronic inflammation of bones, resulting in thickening & softning of bones, & bowing of long bones
paget's disease can cause?
misalignment of hips, knees, & ankles resulting in pain & arthritis
Paget's manifestations?
skull, femur, or tibia thickening; spine bent forward, rigid thorax, and arms bent forward & outward
Paget's tx?
(depends on severity) NSAIDs, wt reduction, calcitonin, fosamax, mithracin, & monitoring renal/hepatic/bone marrow funtion