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Origin:Medial and lateral epicondyle of the femur above each condyle

Insertion: posterior calcaneum through achilles tendon

Action:knee flexion & plantar flexion
Origin:upper 1/3 posterior fibula; head of fibula; popliteal line; middle 1/3 medial border of tibia

Insertion:posterior calcaneum through achilles tendon

Action:plantar flexion
Origin:posterior lateral epicondyle of femur

Insertion:posterior calcaneum

Action:plantar flexion; knee flexion
Origin:Posterior lateral epicondyle of femur

Insertion:popliteal surface of tibia

Action:Knee flexion
Tibialis Anterior
Origin:lateral condyle of the anterior tibia; 2/3 of anterior tibia

Insertion:plantar surface of the 1st cuneiform and the base of 1st metatarsal

Action:dorsiflexion; inversion
Tibialis Posterior
Origin:middle 1/3 posterior lateral tibia; middle 1/3 posterior medial fibula

Insertion:goes around inside ankle bone to the plantar surface of foot

Action:plantar flexion; inversion
Extensor Digitorum Longus
Origin:lateral condyle of tibia; upper 3/4 of anterior fibula; head of fibula

Insertion: split tendon down each lesser toe to 2nd and 3rd phalange (8 insertions)

Action: dorsal flexion; toe extension; eversion
Flexor Digitorum Longus
Origin: posterior 1/3 tibia between the soles and tibialis posterior

Insertion: around ankle bone to the plantar surface of the foot and divides into 4 tendons going to each of the lesser toes; on the 3rd phalange of 4 toes

Action:toe flexion; plantar flexion; inversion
Extensor Hallucis Longus
Origin:middle half of anterior fibula

Insertion:base of distal phalange of big toe (dorsal)

Action: big toe extension; ankle dorsal flexion; inversion
Flexor Hallucis Longus
Origin:posterior lower 2/3 of fibula

Insertion:around inside ankle bone to the plantar surface and inserts on 2nd distal phalange of the big toe

Action:big toe flexion; inversion; plantar flexion
Peroneus Longus
Origin: lateral surface of the head of the fibula; lateral 2/3 of fibula; some fibers also from lateral condyle of tibia

Insertion:1st cuneiform and base of the first metatarsal

Action:Eversion; plantar flexion
Peroneus Brevis
Origin:lateral 2/3 of fibula around lateral ankle bone

Insertion:base of the 5th metatarsal

Action:plantar flexion; eversion
Peroneus Tertius
Origin:anterior & lateral 1/3 of fibula (does not go around ankle but crosses on dorsal side)

Insertion:base of 5th metatarsal

Action:dorsal flexion; eversion