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Iliocostalis Lumborum
Origin: Lumbodorsal Fascia (lumbar vertebra, post. sacrum, post. crest of ilium)

Insertion: lower 6 ribs

Action: Spine extension
Iliocostalis Thoracis
Origin: Lower 6 ribs

Insertion: Upper 6 ribs

Action: Spine extension
Iliocostalis Cervicis
Origin: Ribs 3,4,5

Insertion: Transverse Proc. of 4,5,6 of C. vertebra

Action: Helps with spine extension
Longissimus Thoracis
Origin: Lumbodorsal Fascia

Insertion: Transverse Proc. of Thoracic Vert. & adjacent to rib surface

Action: Spine extension
Longissimus Cervicis
Origin: Transverse Proc. of upper 4 or 5 Thoracic Vert.

Insertion: 2,3,4,5,6 Cervical Vert. Transverse Proc.

Action: Spine extension
Longissimus Capitus
Origin: Lower 4 Cervical Vert. and Upper 4 Thoracic Vert.

Insertion: Mastoid process of temporal bone

Action:Spine extension, Head extension=>lateral flexion and rotation
Spinalis Cervicis
Origin: Lower ligamentum nuchae, 7th CV, 1&2 TV

Insertion: Spine of Axis (2nd CV)

Action: Spine extension & neck lateral flexion
Spinalis Thoracis
Origin: Spines of 11 & 12 TV and 1&2 LV

Insertion: Spines of upper 8 TV

Action:Spine extension
Spinalis Capitus
Origin: TP of the 4,5,6,7 CV and the first 6 or 7 TV

Insertion:Occipital bone between the superior and inferior nuchal lines

Action: Spine extension, head extension, lateral flexion and rotation