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Adductor Hallicus
Origin:transverse head- plantar metatarsophalangeal ligament; oblique head- base of 2nd,3rd,4th metatarsals and tendon of the peroneus longus

Insertion:lateral side of base of 1st phalange of big toe

Action:big toe adduction
Abductor Hallicus
Origin:medial tuberosity of calcaneum under muscle; flexor retinaculum; plantar aponeurosis

Insertion:tibial side (medial) of base of 1st phalange

Action:big toe abduction and flexion
Flexor Hallicus Brevis
Origin:3rd cuneiform and cuboid

Insertion:medial and lateral base of 1st phalange of big toe

Action:big toe flexion
Flexor Digitorum Brevis
Origin:medial, anterior tuberosity of calcaneum; under the muscle:plantar aponeurosis

Insertion:each side of 2nd phalange of 4 lesser toes (8 Insertions)

Action:Flexion of 4 lesser toes
Flexor Digiti Minimi Brevis
Origin:Base of 5th metatarsal and peroneus longus tendon

Insertion:lateral side of base of 1st phalange of little toe

Action:little toe flexion and abduction
Abductor Digiti Minime (quinti)
Origin:Lateral and medial tuberosity of calcaneum, and plantar aponeurosis

Insertion:lateral side of base of 1st phalange of little toe

Action:little toe abduction and flexion
Dorsal Interossei (4) of the foot
Origin: two origins from the adjacent sides of the 5 metatarsals. 8 origins: only the 1st and 5th metatarsal has only one origin

Insertion:base of 1st phalanges of toes 2,3,4 (4 insertions): Toe 2 both sides, toe 3 lateral sides, toe 4 lateral sides

Action:toes 2,3,4 flexion and abduction (pulls away from middle toe)
Plantar Interossei (3)
Origin:Medial side of base 3,4,5 metatarsals

Insertion:medial side of base of 1st phalange of the 3,4,5 toes

Action: toes 3,4,5 adduction and flexion
Lumbricals (4)
Origin: On the 4 tendons of the Flexor digitorum longs (FDL) over the metatarsals

Insertion:1st phalange of 4 toes and the DORSAL surface onto the tendons of the EDL

Action: Toe flexion and extension
Extensor Digitorum Brevis
Origin: lateral, anterior calcaneum and under on the lateral talocalcaneum ligament

Insertion:base of 1st phalange of big toe; splits and inserts on each side of EDL tendon at the 2nd phalange of each of toes 2,3,4 (6 insertions)

Action:Toes 2,3,4 extension and big toe Extension
Quadratus Plantae
Origin:Laeral and medial anterior calcaneum separated by the plantar aponeurosis

Insertion:the 4 tendons of the FDL above where the tarsals touch the metatarsals

Action:toe flexion through the tendons of the FDL