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Who keeps the states' records, files and the state documents and is the keeper of the seal?

Secretary of State

Missouri's present constituion was adopted in what year?


The governor of Missouri is elected for how many years?


The power given to cities and towns in Missouri so they can pass local ordinances without approval from the General Assembly is called what?

Home Rule

If the govenor vetos a bill, how may the General Assembly pass the bill over the veto?

2/3 vote in each house

How often are the Representives for the house elected?

Every two years

Senatoes are elected for how many years?

Six years

What is the governor of Missouri considered to be?

Chief Executive Officer

The House of Representatives has how many members?

163 members

The Senate has how many members?

34 members

Who are elected by the people?

The Senators and Representatives

How old must you be to vote?

18 years old

What is the capital of Missouri?

Jefferson City

Who is the current governor of Missouri?

Jay Nixon

What must one do to be allowed to vote in the State of Missouri?

Register at your county seat

What county do you live in?

Texas County

Who is the representative for the area you live in?

Don Wells

The final trial court in Missouri is what court?

The Supreme Court

What location in this area would you go to vote?

High School Gym

Are you a registered voter in Missouri?