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What is the name of the highest court in the United States? How many judges serve on this court and how long do they serve for?

Supreme Court, 9, for life

How can the Constitution be amended or changed? How many times has this happened?

2/3 vote of House and Senate, and then approved by 3/4 of states, 27 times.

Why did the framers make the Constitution so difficult to change?

They wanted it to be a little flexible, but they liked what they had and didn't want it changing with each election.

What were two point of conflict between the northern and southern states at the Constitutional Convention? How were these two issues resolved in the Constitution?

Issue- Should slaves count for deciding how many votes and how much taxes each state would have. Should government be able to tax trade.

Resolution- slaves count as 3/5 of a person, government can tax trade.

What was the big issue between the large population states and the small population states at the convention? How was it resolved?

Issue- how many votes (representatives) should each state get?

Solution- Senate favors small states with two votes per state. House favors large states with votes determined by population.

Term/Requirements/Number or Amount for:


House Of Rep-


President- 4 yrs/35, 14 years citizenship, born in the US/1

House of Representatives-2 yrs/25, 7 yrs a citizen, live in state/ 435

Senate- 6 yrs/30, 9 yrs citizenship, live in state/100

What is the elastic clause and why is it important?

It allows congress to make all laws necessary and proper which allows congress to stretch it's power.

Which branch of our gov. can make laws?

Legislative Branch. President can veto and Supreme court can declare laws unconstitutional.

Draw a diagram showing how a bill becomes a law.

House->Senate->President->Law->Veto->House->Congress override with 2/3 vote

If the supreme court declares a law unconstitutional is there anything Congress can do? Explain.

Congress can amend the constitution.

What are two checks on the powers of the President? Be sure to make it clear which of the other two branches is involved.

Congress controls military budget, congress an impeach the president.

Explain the ideas of "checks and balances" a "separation of powers" as they were used in the Constitution. Which ancient culture did Madison borrow these ideas from?

SoP: Split power into 3 branches so none have total power

C&B: each branch can block the powers of the other two. Rome.

Give the common name for each branch. Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.

L: Congress

E: President

J: Supreme/Federal

What were two reasons the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution?

To protect the rights of Americans, so the Constitution would be approved.

Are your rights in the Bill of Rights total and absolute? If not when can they be limited?

They are NOT absolute. Your rights can be limited when they violate the rights of others.

What is the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution?

DoI: Our ideals and declares our independence. C: Our supreme set of laws.

Judicial Review-

power of supreme court to declare laws and actions unconstitutional


both sides agree by giving up a little bit of what they wanted

Shays Rebellion-

angry mass. Farmers show need for stronger gov and constitution.


to approve of a law or treaty


to block a law

Electoral College-

electors from each state who elect the President


to kick out of office

What are the Articles of Confederation? What were three major problems with them?

The original US Constitution. Gov has no ability to tax, takes 9/13 votes to approve anything, national gov is too weak.