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Major Minerals
Minor Minerals
Sodium (Na+)
*Major ion & primary ruglator of ECF V
*Helps maintain acid-base balance
*Essential to muscle contraction and nerve conduction
*Salt, soy, MSG
*high levels contribute to hypertension
*May effect calcium and bone loss
Chloride (CL-)
*Critical to F&E balance
*Major ion in ECF
*Can move freely across cell membrane
*Helps maintain acidity of gastric flds
Potassium (K+)
*Major ion intracellular
*Maintains F&E balance & cell integrity
*Critical to regular heart rhythm
*Carbohydrate & protein metabolism
*fresh fruits (strawberries), vegetables
*Related to excessive losses (diarrhea, diuretics, steroid use)
Calcium (CA++)
*Essential for healthy bones & teeth
*Helps regulate muscle contraction, nerve impulse, blood clotting, hormone secretion, digesive enzymes, neurotransmitters
*Vitamin D & hormones important for bone deposit
*Milk, grains, eggs, legumes, & nuts
*Chronic leads to bone loss (major problem for US women
-Most amount: Figs
Iron (FE+)
*Hemoglobin synthesis
*General metabolism
*Meat, eggs, vegetables, & cereal
*Absorbed better w/vitamin C
*Need increase intake with pregnancy,
lactation, and poor diet
*Most prevalent deficiency in the world
Other Minerals
Phosphorus: 2nd most prevelant in body,
sources: animal protein
Magnesium: small amnt in body but
needed for 100s of enzyme actions
sources: hard H2O, green leafy vegies
Iodine: integral part of thyroid
hormones, BMR, temp, growth)
source: seafood, iodized salt
Zinc: cofactor for 100s of enzymes
source: shellfish, meats, milk, egges