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an overgeneralization associated with a racial or ethnic category that goes beyond existing evidence
Ethnic Group
a group socially distinguished or set apart, by others or by itself, primarily on the basis of cultural or nationality characteristics.
an antipathy based upon a faulty generalization. It may be felt or expressed. It may be directed toward a groups as a whole or toward an individual because he/she is a member of that group.
small group discrimination
harmul action taken intentionally by a small number of dominant-group individuals acting in concert against members of the subordinate racial and ethnic groups, without the support of the normas and of most other dominant-group members in the immediate social or community context.
direct institutionalized discrimination
organizationally prescribed or community-prescribed action that by intention has a differential and negative impact on members of subordinate racial and ehtnic groups. Typically, these actions are not sporadic, but are routinely ccarried out by a large number of dominant-group individuals guided by the legal or infomral norms of the immedate organizational or community context.
systemic discrimination
the patterns of discrimination cutting across political, ecocnomic, and social organizations in our society.
actions carried out by members of dominant groups, or their representatives, that have a differential and harmful impact on members of subordinate groups (involves actions as well as one or more _________ and one or more victims)
racial group
a social group that persons inside or outside the group have decided is important to single out as inferior or superior typically on the basis of real or alleged physical characteristics subjectively selected.
an ideology that considers a group's unchangeable phsycial characcteristics to be linked in a direct ccausal way to psychological or intellectual characteristics, and that on this basis distinguishes between superior and inferior racial groups.
isolate discrinination
harmful action taken intentionally by a member of a dominant racial or ethnic group against members of a subordinate group, without the support of other members of the dominant group in the immediate social or community context.
indirect institutionalized discrimination
consists of dominant-group practices having a harmful impact on members of subordinate race and ethnic groups even though the organizationally or community-prescribed norms or regulations guiding those actions have been established with no intent to harm.
cumulative discrimination
when blatant actions, such as verbal harassment or physical attack, comine with subtle and covert slights, such as sabotage, the cumulative impact of all this discrimination over months, years, and lifetimes is more than the sum of the individual instances. Racial and ehtnic oppression is typically both systemic and cumulative.