Racism: Racial Discourse, And Racial Politics By Ashley Doane

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In the article titled “What is Racism? Racial Discourse and Racial Politics” by Ashley Doane of the University of Hartford, she describes how race is affected by the individual, institutions, and social structures (group(s) of people). She examines how the definition of racism changes due to the circumstances around us, from the individual’s views, societal views, or views of the institutions including government. She discusses how people manipulate what the term racist means to a particular person’s advantage against another person, in order to make their claim more valid than the other person’s. Also, she states how some people try to redefine what racism is and the effects of their propositions to change. She states the
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In her conclusion, it could be understood that racism is a complicated term to define due to the multitude of views in America. What she does assert is that racism is universal – anyone and everyone shares the burden of racism and that it would take everyone to remove it from today’s world. From what her article stated I understand that the realm of racial justice is becoming increasingly more difficult due to the issues of what is called ‘color-blindness’ not being challenged by other than antiracist academia in public.
The article begins with discussion of the Civil Rights movement where there is a start to a radicalization of a new way to view social racial order in the views of the whole of the society. It discusses how the changes grew to be a slow transformation with those who were helping the cause, but there were also those who brought about opposition to change. This opposition and the assistance to the cause, two different sides, were a great
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A variable that changes with every interaction. The article states there can be two different ideals of racism in this case, race-based prejudice or discrimination where anyone can be racist and then we have institutional racism where those who are in power are racist. Here it is believed that the racism in America is rooted in its own culture. What this meant is that the American people hold onto the stereotypes they learn, i.e. from family, and in turn between different groups are held a predisposition that one is better than the other. The obvious and most difficult option here would be to remove the stereotypes from society and work together in a society as a whole, not groups of race labels where there is no reliability or consistency in what race label belongs to who. The readings show that there is no consistency in how groups are formed – races are formed by social interactions not by science. There is no way to identify a person through biology to find their race; race is non-uniform especially where people have mixed ancestry and could identify with multiple racial

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