Racial Prejudice And Racism Analysis

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Racial racism is defined as any negative attitudes or beliefs about a certain ethnic group and believing that one ethnic race is superior to the rest. Racism has plagued America since the 17th century. The Dutch are responsible for showing American colonists slavery. Minority individuals have never been seen as human citizens rather looked at as inhuman like animals. It wasn 't until the Supreme Court ratified the Constitution in 1868 recognizing black people as human beings. Despite all the new changes and rights given to black people throughout the years, racial inequality still exists. Thomas Pettigrew (1958, as cited in Hogg and Abrams, 2014) discovered that “racial prejudice is less related to personality and more to the culture …show more content…
Now in the 21st century it 's illegal to just discriminate against someone, but many business, whether private or public, have used their religious beliefs to get around the law. Racism is something that will never end in this country. People of color continue to face many hardships daily mainly from the white race. There have been countless studies regarding racism and its effects on the many different areas of life for people of color. Health, education, and work environment are the three areas that will be the focus in this …show more content…
Racial discrimination still exists and doesn 't allow for the promotion of people of color. Research conducted studied and questioned whether employers were deliberately not promoting the black employee as to the white co-worker. The explanation given from the research was that many employers tend to feel threatened by the advancement of black people. They hold a position of power and control whether or not promotion is possible, and the answer is usually no. In conclusion, racism is like a disease on human culture that is slowly eroding mankind. Racism will never go away as it is taught to the next generation. Minorities have faced every type of racial discrimination whether through education, medical treatment, or the working environment. Governments have tried to implement new ways to erase racism and at the same time contributing to the problem. It 's the responsibility of everyone to teach the younger generation to stop stereotyping people that are different from them. Only through that way can we start to practice racism

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