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replacement chart
listing of each managerial position, who occupies it, how long tah tperson will likely stayin thejob, and hwo is qualified as a replacement
critical incident method
pewrformance rating method based on stated example tat reflect expecially good or poor performance
human resource mgt
set or ofragnizational activiies directed at attracting, developing, and maintatining an efectice workforce
instructional-based program
training designed to impart new knewledge and information
job anyalysis
systematic analysis of jobs in an organization
job evaluation
mehtods for determing the relative oworth of jobs in order to set compestaion levels
process of attracting qualified persons to apply for open jobs
compensation in the form of money paid for discharging th responsibilities of a job
employee infor system
computerizexd system containing info on each employee's eduacation, dills , work experiences, and career aspirations
CRA of 1991
amendemnt that exetends titble vii of the cra 1964 and provides for compensttory and punitive damages.
job anyalysis
systematic analysis of jobs in an organization
systematic job rotation and transfers
workebased training in which employees are systematically moved from on e job to anotherso taht they can learn a wider variety of tasks and skills
inernal recruiting
practice of consiodering present employees as condidates for job openings
simple ranking method
performance appraisal method that ranks employees from best to worst
work based program
training techique that ties training and evelopment activities dircetly to task performance
cafeteria benefit plan
benefit plan that set limits on benefits per employee, each of whom may choose from a variety of alternative benefits
vestibule traini
worked based training conducted in a simluated enviroment away form teh work site
title VII of CRA 1964
fed law forbidding empolyment discrimination on taht bases of race, color, religious beliefs, sex, or national orgin
process of deterining the predictive value of info
gainsharing program
groupbased incentive plan that gives rewards for productivity improvements
process of introducing new emloyees to the organizatyion so that they can more quickly become effective contributors
merit pay plan
performance bawsed pay paln basing part of copmenstion on emploiyee merit
compenstation in the form of money paid for time worked