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Equal Pay Act

Prohibits pay difference for equal work based on gender

Civil rights act title vii

Prohibits discrimination based on race,color, religion, national origin, or gender

Age discrimination in employment act

Prohibits discrimination of employees 40 or older

Vocational rehab act

Prohibits discrimination on basis of physical or mental disabilities

Americans with disabilities act

Prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities or chronic illness, also requires reasonable accommodations for individuals

Workers adjustment and restraining notification act

Requires employers with more than 100 employees to give 60 day notice before mass layoff or facility closing

Family medical leave act

Gives employees with 50 or more employees up to 12 weeks unpaid leave each year for family or medical reasons

Health insurance portability and accountability

Permits portability of employees insurance from one employer to another

Lilly ledbetter fair pay act

Changes the statute of limitations on pay discrimination to 180 days from paycheck

Patient protection and affordable care act

Health care legislation that puts in place comprehensive health insurance reforms

Occupational safety and health act

Establishes mandatory safety and health standards in organizations

Privacy act

Gives employees legal right to examine personnel files and letters of reference


Requires continued health coverage following termination paid by employee