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What is considered the "centerpiece of informatics"?
What is the leading organization behing HIT?
Which organization is an advocate for informatics in medical school curricula?
AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges)
What are the 6 aims of IOM?
1. Safe
2. Patient-centered
3. Timely
4. Efficient
5. Effective
6. Equitable
"Optimize healthcare, foster continuous life-long learning, provide resources to support research, and build environment to promote science" are all recommendations found in which report?
Better Health 2010 Report
Who is the financer of healthcare programs?
US Federal Government
The goal of implementing EHR is set for what year? Who is involved in coordinating this goal?
ONC (Office of the National Coordinator for health information technology)
Entry of medical orders directly into a EHR by licensed practioners or clinicians with such privileges is called what?
Direct transmission of prescription from a prescriber to patient's choice of pharmacy through e-prescribing network is called what?
ERx (ePrescribing)
What is pharmacy automation?
Any technology, machine, or device used to improve dispensing or distribution of medication
"real time" interaction between patient and provider via video-conferencing
The better health 2010 report is associated with what organization?
When (approximately) did the ACPE add medical informatics into the curriculum?
2007 (unfortunately...)
What does AMIA stand for?
American Medical Informatics Association
What does HIMSS stand for?
Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society
What does AHIMA stand for>
American Health Information Managemnet Association
What does ANI stand for?
Alliance for Nursing Informatics
Who defins anf protects the exclusive rights of the creators of Itellectual property (copyrights)?
Federal Law and International Treaties
A form of protection grounded in the US Constitution and granted by law for original works of authorship is called __________
Which do copyright laws cover, published or unpublished works?
What rights do copyright holders have?
Right to:

-produce a work
-make a derivative of a work
-Distribute a work
-display a work
The use of small selections of text as part of a work for academic purposes
Fair USe
Fair use is a (legal right / legal defense) that only works if you site your sources.
Legal defense
Using someone else's idea and failling to inform your reader where those ideas came from.
The conscientious, explicit, and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients, while integrasting clinical experience with the best available evidence from a systematic search.

Who came up with this definition?
EBM (evidence based medicine)

David Sackett
Sources of knowledge:

Accepting certain truths as givens
Reference to tradition
Sources of knowledge:

Placing trust in those who are authorities or experts
Reference to authority
Sources of knowledge:

Applying multiple attempts to find a solution by chance
Trial and Error
Sources of knowledge:

Drawing conclusion from three interrelated statements, major premise, minor premise, and conclusion
Logical Reasoning
Sources of knowledge:

Applying logical sequential process to develop a conclusion
Scientific Method
Which source of knowledge is the best, most reliable if it is available?
Scientific Method
An approach to decision making whereby clinicians appraise the scientific evidence and its strength in support of their therapeutic decisions
Evidence based Pharmacotherapy
Critics of EBM equate it with___________
Randomized Controlled Trials
Clinical research studies and reports including controlled trials, cohort studies, case studies and case reports are considered a ____________ source
The gateway to primary sources which include indexing and abstracting services are ___________ sources
PubMed is an example of ___________ source
International Pharmacist Abstracts (IPA) is considered a ___________ source.
Editorials, Opinions and Commentaries are considered _______sources
An initial place to identify information that may summarize available information and provide overviews is a __________ source.
The textbook, Pharmacotherapy is considered a ____________ source.
The textbook, Harrison's Internal Medicine is considered a __________ source.