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What is AAMA?

America association of medical assistant



A multi skilled member of the health care team who perform administrative and clinical procedure under the supervision of licensed health care provider

In 1978 the profession of medical assistant was formally recognized by?

United state department of education


The commission of accreditation for allied health education program

What is CAAHEP?

Is an crediting body for medical assisting program in private and public postsecondary institution and program that prepare individuals for entry into the profession


Accrediting bureau of health education school

What is ABHES?

Is the agency that also grant accreditation to medical assisting program and is recognize by the united state department of education

What does medical assistant do?

Professionalism staying in the scope of practice

Professional attributes

Physical appearance look good and clean. Empathy, attitude, Dependability, flexibility, initiative- doing without being asked, desire to learn, accountability- take responsibility for your action

What is empathy?

Means to consider the patient welfare and to be kind. Also to step into the patients place discovering what the patient is experiencing and then recognizing and identifying with those feelings.


American association of medical technologist-founded in 1939 purpose credentialing and continuing education. Certified a variety of health care field. Establish the RMA exam in 1972. CMAS exam is also available.


National health career association- continuing education.

NHA purpose

Credentialing and continuing education certified a variety of health care field. Terri ways to obtain certification

Regulation of health care provider?

Credential regulated health care provider which ensures -* competence of health care provider* A minimum standard of knowledge, training and skills.*The limiting of the performance of certain procedures to a specific occupation.

What is to be license

Is a conferred on an individual who successfully completed specialized educational requirement and successfully passes an examination administered by the state in which the individual resides

Types of regulation

Licensure- *mandatory, legislated by each state.* certification-voluntary through a nongovernmental agency or professional association. * registration- voluntary through a professional association

Scope of practice

Medical assistant are not licensed

Medical assistant are allowed to perform clinical procedure under physicians or other licensed health care practitioner supervision.

In some state authorization is required for some procedure

What does AAMA list?

Which procedure medical assistant can perform

Ambulatory health care setting- Individual medical practice.

Individual outside- also called the solo practice. One primary provider sees and tests patient. One provide responsible for all cost.

Group practice-

Two or more providers share a cost. Providers consults each other. Patient may request sane provider for all appointment. Ensures the is always a provider on call. About 68% of provider practice in groups

Urgent care center

Usually private for profit center. Provide primary care treats routine injuries and illnesses and perform minor surgery. Providers are often salaried employees. See higher volume of patient usually for lower cost than hospital emergency room.

Mange care operation-HMO

Health maintenance organization- HMO provide full range of service under one roof.

Manage care operation-PPO

Preferred provider organization is a physician network. Offers discount to employees and other purchase of health insurance.

Managed care operation-IPA

The member of which agree to treat patients for an agreed upon fee

Boutique or concierge medical practice

Sought by patient discouraged with insurance reimbursement- provides immediate access to provide 24/7.convenient unhurried appointments. Unlimited email fax phone consultation. Home work visit as needed. Coordination of any specialist referred. Set fee for service required for the exclusive service.

Health care team

Primary care provider. Specialist. Allied health professionals.

Alternate health care practitioner

Many carry the title "doctor" and have specialized training.

Doctor of chiropractic

Pay specialized attention to physiological and biochemical aspect of the body structure. Adjust and manipulate the spinal column. licensed in all 50 state

Doctor naturopathy's ND

Attempts to remove the underlying cause of disease and stimulate the natural healing process licensed 15 states

Oriental medicine and acupuncture

Acupuncture Chinese herbology body works dietary therapy and exercise. Attempt to restore the energy flow in body meridians. Nearly all states regulate practice of acupuncture and oriental medicine. Perform both administrative and clinical functions. Receptionist secretary office manager bookkeeper patient educator insurance coder and biller etc . maintains a positive attitude. Functions under supervision of professionals

Physician assistant

Can perform diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive health care services delegated by under the supervision of provider and surgeons.

Cultural heritage in medicine

Role of culture and ethnic heritage in health care. Patients may refuse medication based on culture tradition. Religion magic and science play a part in the history of medicine. They don't do it so much today as back then. Beliefs of mesopotamia- illness was punishment by gods for violation of moral code.

Beliefs of ancient Egyptians

Body was system of channels that came together at reaction and became easily clogged

Beliefs of ancient Chinese

Monitored pulse in wrist. Cute the spirit. Nourished the body. Give medication. Tests the whole body. Use acupuncture and moxibustion . today practitioner agree ancient Chinese treatment are still excellent guidelines.


Requires the use of powdered plans substance that is made into small mound on the person soon and then burned usually raising a blister

Medical specialist history.. History specialist

Witch doctors. Medicine men and women. Shamans. Healing priest. Physicians

Today's specialist

Spiritual advisor. Social worker. Counselors. Teachers. Physicians

Beliefs and method of ancient healers

All healers drew upon some power beyond themselves. Mind altering drugs were used by many ancient healers. Ancient healers need were supplied by their tribe. Today term provider or practitioner often used because there are so many health professionals who are part of the patients health care team providing treatment. Some payment expected for medical services rendered. Some culture punished unsuccessful physician by forcing the to treat the poor.

History of medical education

Christianity-emphasis placed on soul rather than body. Monk controlled medicine. St. Benedict of Nursia forbade the study of medicine. Christianity controlled medical care for over 500 years. Islam - preserved classical study and encourage learning

Study and encourage learning

9th century - medical university began in Italy and France. Renaissance -physician licensed. Art and science more closely related.

Michelangelo and da vinci used

Used dissection to draw anatomy

History of attitudes toward illness

Punished by the goods for mortal sin. Good Samaritan- Concern for the such. Native America-such treat kindly. suicide during famine was considered a form of bravery

History of attitude toward illness

Eskimo-put their elderly unprotected onto ice floes. Roman and Greek disposed of I'll or deformed and unwanted infants were disposed of quickly or left to die

Today attitude

We debate right to choose life or death and death with dignity or physicians assisted death. People fear illness they perceive as threatening such as AIDS

What did Ancient Egyptian used for treatment

Used urine to test for pregnancy. Ming dinasty. The great herbal. Early medication treat often crude. Physicians staples. Rhubarb, senna, bitter apple turpentine, camphor, mercury.

What did some physician didnt do caused people to die

Some physician did not wash instrument used in treating the Ill

Diseases that existed

Malaria, diphtheria, tb typhoid, leprosy. Death toll from small pox was high

Edward Jenner discovered

Small pox vaccination 19th century. medicine progressed rapidly.anesthesia discovered to alleviate pain during surgery.discovered some bacteria causes disease. important discovered asaspis

Joseph lister

Revolutionized surgery by sterilizing instrument and washing physicians hand with antiseptic spray

Early 20th century

Many infectious disease and epidemic became curable. Life expectancy increased. Antibiotic

Banting and best discovered

Insulin could be use with diabetic . both penicillin and cancer cells discovered in 1928

Penicillin not brought into production until


First human heart transplant perform

In 1967

The scourge of epidemic

Paralytic poliomyelitis. Virus spread through fecal oral take probably present in ancient time. Mostly affects children under age 5. had no cure

President Franklin d. Rossevelt had

Had polion and waged war on disease

First polio vaccine developed


Earliest specimen of found

Bronze age 1900-1600 BC inability of body immune system to destroy

Erik Erikson

Psychosocial development based on eight stages are Trust vs Mistrust Autonomy Vs Shame and Doubt, Initiative vs guilt, Idustry Vs Iferiority, Idebtity Vs Role Confusion, Intimacy vs Isolation, Generativity Vs Stgnation, ego Integrity vs Despair

Beta Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is

the substance tested for in urine to confirm pregnancy or gestational tumors in females or gonadal tumors in males.


acid fast bacilli stain), then the lab searches for bacteria that cause tuberculosis


is the legal procedure to ensure integrity of a specimen.


“medical treatment


Study of pain relief


Treatment of obesity


tudy of the skin


Study of the hormone system


Study of the digestive system


Treatment of the elderly


Study of the blood


Study of the nerves


: Treatment of pregnant women


Treatment of children


Treatment of the mind


Study of radiation (for medical imaging)


Study of rheumatoid diseases, such as arthritis


Study of poisons


Study of the urinary system


magnetic resonance imaging


human immunodeficiency virus


Wrote first code 2500 bc medical ethic

Thomas Percival

Wrote code of medical Ethics


Wrote " Do not harm"