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Horizontal and Vertical Components

Fx = Fcosθ

Fy = Fsin θ

Average Speed Formula

Average Speed = Distance / Time

Average Velocity Formula

Average Velocity = change in displacement / Time Taken

Acceleration Formula

Acceleration = change in velocity / time taken

SUVAT equation (without s)

v = u + at

SUVAT equation (without v)

s = ut + ½at²

SUVAT equation (without a)

s = ½(u+v)t

SUVAT equation (without t)

v² = u² + 2as

Thinking Distance Formula

Thinking Distance = Speed x Reaction Time

Stopping Distance Formula

Stopping Distance = Braking Distance + Thinking Distance

Actual Velocity and Angle Formula

Actual Velocity = √(v² x + v² y)

θ = tan¹ (vy/vx)

Force Formula

Force = mass x acceleration

Weight Formula

Weight = mass x gravity

Moment Formula

Moment = Force x Perpendicular Distance from pivot

Density Formula

Density = Mass x Velocity

Pressure Formula

Pressure = Force / Area

Pressure Difference Formula

Pressure Difference = Height x Density x Gravity

Upthrust Formula

Upthrust = Area x Length x Density x Gravity

Work Done Formula

Work Done = Force x Distance

Work Done at an angle Formula

Work Done = Force x Distance x Cosθ

Efficiency Formula

Efficiency = (useful energy output from system / total energy input) x 100

Kinetic Energy Formula

KE = ½ x mass x velocity²

Gravitational Potential Energy Formula

GPE = Mass x Gravity x Height

Power Formula in terms of energy

Power = Energy / Time

Force Constant Formula

Force = k x Extension

Elastic Potential Formula

EPE = ½ x Force x Extension

Tensile Stress Formula

Stress = Force / Area

Tensile Strain Formula

Strain = Extension / Original Length

Young Modulus Formula

Young Modulus = Stress / Strain

Momentum Formula

Momentum = Mass x Velocity

Net Force Formula

Net Force = Rate of change in momentum

Impulse of a Force Formula

Impulse = Change in momentum