Vela Rani Analysis

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Every object on the Earth’s surface is pulled towards the center of the earth by the force of Gravity. Gravity causes all objects in Freefall to accelerate downwards at the same rate, regardless of the object’s mass. On Earth, acceleration due to gravity is constant of 9.81m/s^2. Therefore on Earth when air resistance is not present, all objects fall at the same acceleration of 9.81m/s^2.
However, on the planet Vela Rani, the value of acceleration due to gravity is 15.3m/s^2. Therefore, all objects within the gravitational field will fall faster than on earth due to the increase in force pulling the object to the center. Additionally, if you were to jump in the air, you would reach a lower height compared to if
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The modification I made to this ride was that instead of being thrusted backwards, the cart has been turned around to accelerate forwards.

The Tower of Terror is a new thrill ride, based on Earth’s Tower of Terror 2 ride at Dream world, Coomera. Where riders are accelerated forwards through a tunnel at an acceleration of 18.36 then passengers then travel 105m at a velocity of 55.08〖ms〗^(-1) before travelling vertically upwards 99.1 m. After experiencing complete weightlessness the car thrusts back to the ground backwards at highly extreme speeds.



I began my calculations by deciding on 1.2g as my G-force for the acceleration zone. However G-force is horizontal and vertical. Therefore my horizontal G-force is 1.2g and my vertical G-force is 1g.

I then multiplied the 1.2g by gravity (15.3〖ms〗^(-2)) in order to calculate my acceleration.


푎=1.2 ×15.3
푎=18.36 〖ms〗^(-2)

∴ the acceleration for the acceleration zone is 18.36〖ms〗^(-2)

I then calculated the velocity by using the 1st SUVAT equation where u=0, a=18.36, and t=3.
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For these calculations factors like friction were ignored. Friction, such as Air Resistance adds an additional force against the care creating a lower acceleration and velocity and also a decrease in time. Another key factor in calculating speed and distances was the limit of G-forces a ‘Vela Ranian’ could handle, since they were unable to experience greater than 8g’s I had to be careful about the specs I developed for my rides. Although I incorporated a mass into my equations, these figures won’t be entirely accurate, as everyone doesn’t weigh 150kg on the planet Vela Rani. This will make the results

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