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What is Force health protection (FHP)?
all measures taken by the Chain of Command and military health system to promote, improve, conserve, or restore mental or physical well-being of military personnel
Who is responsible for the implementation of FHP within their area of responsibility?
geographic combatant commander
Who is responsible for the coordination and integration of the health service support (HSS) mission among the participating Service components?
Joint Force Surgeon (JFS), appointed by geographic combatant commander
How is FHP accomplished?
1-promotion of wellness 2-physical/mental conditioning 3-medical surveillance 4-preventive medicine 5-establishment of phased health care delivery system
Define the three pillars of FHP.
1-Healthy and Fit Force= capablity of withstanding the physical/mental rigors associated with combat and military operations 2-Casualty Prevention= prevention of both enemy threats and occupational and environmental health threats 3-Casualty Care Management= patient care and movement
What are the five phases of Causalty Care Management?
Phase 1: First Responder Phase 2: Forward Resuscitative Surgery
Phase 3: Theater Hospitalization
Phase 4: En Route Care
Phase 5: Care Outside the Theater
What is included in joint operations wellness programs?
physical/mental fitness health promotion environmental and occupational health
What is the advantage of an aggressive HSS?
it enhances the force's ability to minimize combat injuries resulting from continous operations, combat stress, and/or exposure to NBC agents
What is the advantage of having fit Service Members?
Fit members are less likely to be injured accidentally, can more readily withstand exposure to diseases and excessive stress, and more promptly heal from wounds or injuries