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What is Statistics?
is a branch of mathematics that summarizes, & organizes, sample data & uses mathematical techniques to make predictions and decisions based on sample data.
Name the different types of Statistics.
1. Descriptive Statistics
2. Inferential Statistics
What are the two types of Descriptive Statistics?
1. Graphical Descriptive Statistics
2. Numerical Descriptive Statistics
What is Descriptive Statistics?
Descriptive Statistics organizes, summarizes, and present sample data in appropriate ways to gain some insight about a population.
What is Inferential Statistics?
Inferential Statistics is a collection fo techniques for decision making & prediction based on sample data.
What is Graphical Descriptive Statistics?
Statistics that show graphs. (bar graphs, line graphs, etc.)
What is Numerical Descriptive Statistics?
Statistics that deal with numbers.
What is a Population?
A Population is a collection of ALL individuals that are under a study.
What is a sample?
A Sample is something or a group that is part of a population.
What are the Characteristics of a sample?
Sample Characteristics:
1. Representative of the Population
2. Must be random (Members of the sample are selected by chance)
3. Must be unbaised
4. Has to be large enough for you to accumulate the correct data.
Define Random Sample
Random Sample is every member of the population has some chance (not necessaruly the same) of being selceted.
What is Simple Random Sample?
Simple Random Sample of size n has the same chance of being selected.