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What diseases are caused by a virus




Infectious hepatitis



Before disposing a contaminated needle what should the MA do.

Make sure to close the needle up the proper way and dispose in a biohazard container the

The process used to wash and remove blood and tissue from medical instruments is called


Any disease caused by the growth of pathogenic microorganisms in the body, fall into the category of

Infectious disease

Which of the procedures is appropriate for preparing blood and other potentially infectious materials for transport

Make sure waste in containers that are leak proof and strong to prevent breaking

Which micro organism are large obligated parasites that can be viewed with a microscope


What is an example of cell mediated immunity


The method that complete destroy organisms


In the normal state, which of the following are free of all living microorganisms

The body organs and tissues

What are two important factors in preforming an effective hand washing

Running water n friction

What term is used for the process of killing pathogenic organisms or rendering inactive


What should not be done when sanitizing a instrument

Should not be touched

What’s the first step that should be taken after exposure to contaminated waste

Clean exposed area and receive confidential medical evaluation

62 year old patient with shingles, came in the dr office; the physical will classify as


The immune response that is identified as humoral immunity is

The body second line of defense includes the inflammatory process and immune system response

What should be done with the eyes if they are exposed to potentially body fluids

Should be flushed

Relapse and remission are seen frequently in what type of infectious

Latent infection

Rosa is responsible for training a new employee for aseptic hand washing which of the following should Rosa emphasize

Handing washing is to protect you from infection and to prevent cross contamination from patient to patient

The key reducing the prevalence of antibiotic resistance is to

To treat the infections properly

Inflammation mediators that are released at the site of cellular damage perform which of the following functions

Blood vessels at the site of dilate

Release of white blood cells

Chemotaxis or release of chemical agents