Effective Hand Cleansing

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Q3) What do you understand by “effective hand cleansing”. Describe each method separately:
Transmission of microorganisms on the hands of healthcare workers is the most common cause of cross infection, occurring directly from patient contact or indirectly via contact with the environment. Hand hygiene is therefore considered to be one of the most important procedures in the prevention of cross contamination and cross infection.
When to perform hand wash:
Before: the beginning of the shift, handling and eating food, donning gloves, any patient contact, clean/aseptic procedures, dealing with dirty instruments
After: the end of a shift, any patient contact, visiting the toilet, the removal of gloves, hands become visibly soiled, using a computer
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Use liquid or foam detergent from a dispenser. This will remove 95% of transient micro-organisms from the hands. It should last at least for 15-30 seconds. It’s not necessary to use antibacterial soap.

Clinical techniques
Only an approved antiseptic detergent (eg 4% Chlorhexidine gluconate or 7.5% Povidone iodine) should be used. Clinical techniques should be used prior to undertaking operative procedures.
Clinical hand washing should take at least 30-60

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