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In the competition between ____ and ____nds, retailers have the advantage of controlling what products will be stocked, where products will be stocked, what prices will be charged and which products will be featured in print promotions.

national and private

Developing an effective message strategy begins with identifying ____ that can be used as advertising appeals.

customer benefits

Members of a company's ____ conduct business from their office through the telephone, the internet, or visiting from customers.

Inside sales force

Producers benefit from using intermediaries because they ____.

Offer greater effciency in making goods availible to target markets

____ are designed to engage consumers in interactions that will move closer to a direct purchase or other marketing outcome.

Marketing web sites

which of the following statements is true according to your texts?

Salespeople often need special encouragement to do their best.

when consumers can drive transactions with businesses, what type of online marketing is being used?


BMW was the first company to create branded entertainment in the form of a series of short films. In each film the star was ____.

a BMW car

When Circuit Town Electronics sets its television at three price levels of $699, $899, and $1,099, it is using ____.

Product line pricing

After a company has determined its sales force structure, it is ready to determine what ____ it needs.

Sales force size

What are the two goals of direct marketing?

To obtain an immediate response and to facilitate a purchase

What sales force at Messimer Computing recently began telemarketing and web selling most likely benefit Messimer Computing?

Messimer sales reps will be able to service hard-to-reach customers more effectively.

_____ tend to be plain, straightforward outlines of benefits and positioning points that the advertiser wants to stress.

Message strategy statements

which of the following is the most likely disadvantage of adding new channels in a multi-channel distribution system?

Decreasing control over the system

Soaring media costs, focused target marketing strategies, and the growing array of new media have increased the importance of ____.

Media planning

Companies that use a customer sales force structure organize their sales people by ____.


Companies need to think of themselves as portfolios of ___ and not portfolios of ____.

People, products

When a company determines the number o channel members to use at each level, three strategies are available; intensive, exclusive, and _____ distribution.


Mach 3 razor blades must be used in the Mach 3 razor. Which type of pricing is most likely used?

captive-product pricing

which of the following is the least likekly reason for a company to initiate a price cut?

To obtain prestige

For many years, ____ have dominated the media mix used by national advertisers.

Television and magazines

Which of the following problems associated with the poor selection of salespeople is least likely to become a real crisis

Less office support

Direct Marketing is continuing to become more ____ oriented.


Which of the following is the term for the individuals in a company who travel to call on customers in the field?

Outside sales force

Even though hard economic times have forced national brand marketers to rethink their pitch to be more value focused, in the long run these national brand marketers should not abandon ______.

the core proposition of their brand.

Which of the following is least likely to be one of the benefits for the buyer in direct marketing?

Guaranteed low prices

Big Mike's Health Food Store sells nutritional energy producing foods. The price of the products sold varies according to individual customer accounts and situations. For example long time customers receive discounts. This strategy is an example of________?

Dynamic pricing

Chewing gum is stocked in many outlets in the same market or community; in fact, it is placed in as many outlets as possible. This is an example of ______ distribution.


A long standing charge against intermediaries is that they mark up the prices beyond _____ .

Value of their services

When choosing a brand name, the process begins with _______.

touch points of consumers

_________ is the message execution style depicts one or more typical people using the production in a normal setting.

Slice of life

When amusement parks and movie theaters charge admission plus fees for food and other attractions, they are following a(n) ______ pricing strategy.


Which promotional mix strategy directs marketing efforts towards market channel members?


Which promotional tool is described as less public, immediate, customized and interactive?

Direct marketing

Which of the following is a cost-based approach to pricing?

Break-even pricing

In designing its marketing channel, chairs for every occasion has moved from a make-and-sell view of its business, which focused on productive inputs and factory capacity as a starting point for marketing planning, to a sense-and-respond view, which begins instead with the needs of target customers. With this new view, Chairs for Every occasion is developing its ______.

Order taker

The selling process consists of several steps that the sales person must master, focusing on the goals of ____ and _____ from them.

getting new customers; obtaining orders

Which of the following is a manufacturer's brand sponsorship options for a product?

Licensed brand

All o the institutions in a channel are connected by flows, including physical flow, ownership, payment flow, information flow, and _____ flow.


A salesperson's compensation plan is typically made up of several elements- a fixed amount, ____, expenses, and fringe benefits.

a variable amount

If Northwest Awnings charge the same price delivery of their product to any customer that is located within the Great Lakes states, the company is using _____.

Zone pricing

Another term for the supply chain that suggests a sense-and-respond view of the market is ______.

Demand chain

A company might introduce a new brand, especially if they believe _________.

Their products are strong.

The goal of marketing logistics should be to provide a _____ level of a customer service at the least cost.


With an understanding of price elasticity, sellers should know that the less elastic the demand for their product is, the more advantageous it is for them to _______.

Raise the prices

Of the seven C's of effective web design, _____ refers to the ways that the site enables user-to-user communication.


When McDonald's offers its products inside of a Wal-Mart store, it is acting as part of a _____.

Horizontal marketing system

If demand hardly changes with a small change in price, we say the demand is _______.


Recently General Motors was on the brink of bankruptcy. One of the solutions was to deal with their problem of multi branding. What did GM do to reduce costs and increase profitability?

They cut many modest or failing brands to focus on their strongest brands

Ads that are built around dream themes use which type of execution style?


_________ the manufacturer or service provider is the set firm that supply the raw materials, components, parts, information, finances, and expertise needed to create a product or service.

Upstream from

How does a company's effective use of a customer database benefit consumers?

Companies match customer needs and interests with products and services.

_______ becomes more important as competition increases. The company's objective is to build selective demand.

Persuasive advertising

How has the National Do Not Call Registry changed the telemarketing industry?

Telemarketers are more effectively managing relationships with existing customers.

For most companies, the first step in conducting online marketing is to ______.

Create a website

Deceptive marketing practices falls into three groups: deceptive ___, deceptive ____, and deceptive _____.

Pricing, promotion, packaging

A distinguishing feature of a contractual VMS is that the coordination and conflict management among the independent members of the channel are attained through ______.

Contractual agreements

To increase a channel's service level, the channel must provide a greater assortment of products, more add-on services, and _____.

Faster delivery

At Garden and Deck Decor, a manufacturer of outdoor furniture and accessories, the marketing and sales force objectives are to grow relationships with existing customers while at the same time acquiring new business. Which of the following sales force compensation plans is most likely to encourage the sales force to pursue both of these objectives?

Salary plus commission plus bonus for new accounts

Measuring ______ can be difficult. A company might conduct surveys or experiments to test this in a different products they offer.

Perceived value

_____ is the amount of money charged for a product or service


Planned obsolescence might involve which of the following?

The holding back of attractive functional features, then introducing them later to make older models obsolete

Large marketing companies can use patents and heavy promotion spending to _____.

Set up barriers for others wanting to enter the industry.

Sales application are most likely to be tested for _____.

Personality traits, analytical skills

Adams Cutlery has always relied upon advertising to market its products to final customers. However, now the marketing team at Adams Cutlery is considering beginning a direct marketing campaign consisting of a company Web site, e-mail to current customers, and an online catalog. Which of the following would the marketing team expect to gain as a result of implementing this direct marketing plan?

The ability to learn more about their customers and tailor offerings to fit their needs.

Management uses the workload approach to ____.

Set the size of the sales force

Which of the following is one of the main four consumer perception dimensions used by ad agency Young & Rubicam to measure brand strength?

Brand Differentiation

_____ uses buyers' perception of what a product is worth, not the seller's cost, as the key to pricing.

Value based pricing

Branding helps consumers in many ways. Which of the following is definitely one way?

Brand names help customers identify products that might benefit them.

A distribution channel is more than a collection of firms connected by various flows; it is a(n) _____ in which people and companies interact to accomplish individual, company, and channel goals.

Complex behavioural system

Your inside sales force is responsible for prospecting and qualifying customers. Which the of the following will likely occur?

A salesperson ma have to approach many qualified customers just to make one sale.

Integrated marketing communications require a company's mass-market advertisements, Web site, e-mail, and personal selling communications to all have ______.

The same message, look and feel

______ involves charging a constant low prices with a few or no temporary price discounts.

Everyday low prices (EDLP)

___ is the basis of all discount operations and is typically used by sellers of convenience goods. Retailers offering this level of service require customers to perform their own 'locate-compare-select" process in order to save money.


Which of the following are some of the major steps in selecting advertising media?

deciding on reach, frequency, and impact, choosing among major media types.

Which of the following should be the first step in designing a marketing channel?

Identifying what consumers want from the channel

Under _____, the market consists of many buyers and sellers who trade over a range of prices rather than a single market price.

Monopolistic coompetition

The ____ is the sum total of all the attributes of a brand, and the emotions it inspires in the minds of consumers.

Brand personality

Channel members add value by bringing the major gaps of _____ that separate good and services from those who would use them

Time, place, and possession

Which of the following is an advantage of a well-designed and targeted telemarketing plan?

purchasing convenience

Distribution channel decisions often involve ______ with other firms, particularly those involve contracts or relationships with channel partners.

Long-term commitments

Due to worsening economic times customers are becoming more cost conscious and increasingly are abandoning _____ in favour of ______.

National bands, private brands.

An advantage of a vertical marketing system (VMS) over a conventional distribution channel is that it acts as a _____ system.


The most logical budget-setting method is the _____ method because it is based on spending necessary to accomplish specific promotion goals.


Which of the following best explains why many companies are adopting the team selling approach to service large, complex accounts?

Products have become too complex, and customers too big for one salesperson to support.

Tara Keegan owns Live Well, a small chain of health stores offering a variety of natural health products and related services. In order to implement integrated marketing communications, Tara has hired a marketing communications director, whose job it will be to ensure that each ______ will deliver a consistent and positive message about the company

Brand contract

A company's total marketing communications mix consists of a special blend of advertisement, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling, and direct-marketing tools that the company uses to communicate value and build customer relationships. This is also called ______.

The promotion mix

In ______, price is considered along with the other marketing mix variables before the marketing program set.

Value-based pricing

When Pepsi came out with Pepsi Blue and priced it at half price to attract buyers, Pepsi is using _______.

Market-penetration pricing

Which type of product might require a more direct marketing channel to avoid delays and too much handling?

Perishable products

Price is the only element in the marketing mix that produces _____.


In the competition between ____ and _____ brands, retailers have the advantage of controlling what products will be stocked, where products will be stocked, what prices will be charged and which products will featured in print promotions

National and private

Companies often fail to integrate their various communications to consumers because _______.

communications often come from different parts of the company.

The aim of sales management motivation is to encourage salespeople to ______.

"work hard"

Which promotional tool is most effective in building up buyer's preferences, convictions, and most importantly, actions?

Personal selling

______, such a Sears, provide more sales assistance because they carry more shopping goods about which customers need information. Their increased operating costs result in higher prices.

Limited-service retailers

The use of short term incentives to encourage the purchase or sale of a product or service is called ______.

Sales promotion

Soaring media costs, focused target marketing strategies, and the growing array of new media have increased the importance of ______.

Media planning

Xbox 360 decides to add a free subscription to XBOX magazine with every game bought in an effort to differentiate its offering from PS3 games, This is an example of _____.

Value-added pricing

When a competitor cuts its price, a company might decide to ____ if ti believes it will not lose much market share or would lose too much profit by cutting its own price .

Maintain its current price and profit margins

Information about a customer;s activities and interests are all ____ in a customer database


A company should think of its intermediaries as both its ___ and ___ .

Customers; partners

Helping the sales force "word smart" is the goal of ______.

Sales supervision

Break-even pricing, or a variation called _____, is when the firm tries to determine the price at which it will break even or make the profit it is seeking.

target return pricing

Advertising _____ can be classified by primary purpose-whether the aim is to inform, persuade or remind.


East Bay Communications has increased its inside sales force. Which of the following will least likely help its outside sales force?

It will improve their use of sales

Any paid form of nonpersonal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor is called _____.


Which activity is a typical for a sales assistant?

Call ahead and confirm appointments

An e-mail from Amazon.ca offers free shipping on your next purchase for more than $40. This is an example of a _______.

Sales promotion

Consumers usually perceive higher-priced products as _____.

having a higher quality

A company can unite its marketing and sales function through many activities. Which is the least likely to be effective?

Assigning a telemarketer the task of visiting a customer

Which of the following promotion tools involve personal presentation by the firm's sales force for the purpose of making sales and building customer relationships?

Personal selling

What type of pricing is being used when a company temporarily prices its products below the list price or even below cost to create buying excitement and urgency?

promotional pricing

A great _____ absolutely requires a strong, memorable name.


______ are facing slow sales growth because of slower population growth, increased competition, and rapid growth of out-of-home eating.


The fundamental asset underlying brand equality is ____-the value of the customer relationships that the brand creates. A powerful brand is important, but what it really represents is a set of loyal consumers.

customer equity

Due in a large part advances in technology, _____ is a major trend whereby products and services producers are bypassing intermediaries and are going directly to final buyers, or radically new types of channel intermediaries are emerging to displace traditional ones.


Channel conflict can ______ different levels of the same channel or ___ firms at the same level of the channel

be between; among

you are looking to advertise your new product, and you want good mass-marketing coverage and low cost per exposure. You should choose _____ as your advertising media.


______ prices are the prices that buyers carry in their min and refers to when looking at any given product


The promotion mix is the company's primary communication activity; the marketing mix must be coordinated for the greatest communication impact. Which of the following are included in the entire marketing mix?

promotion, price

______ pricing involves setting prices based in the costs for producing, distributing, and selling the product plus a fair rate of return for the company's efforts and risks.


______ describes how responsive demand will be to a change in price

Price elasticity

Marketing logistics involves which of the following distribution flows?

outbound, inbound, and reverse only

Which of the following is a deception or fraud concern for the Internet users and marketers?


Lobbying, or building and maintaining relations with legislators and government officials to influence legislation and regulation, is a function of ______.

Public relations

Because consumers expect stores to carry their favourite brand, owners of the brand has _____ in bargaining with resellers.

more leverage

Of the three typical sales force structures, which one assigns an exclusive geographical area to each salesperson to represent the company's full line of products to customers within that area?


______ is the company's most expensive promotional tool?

Personal selling

Saving for You, a discount retail chain, is highly competitive. When entering a new market, Savings for You often cuts prices so deeply that it sells below costs, effectively pushing smaller companies with less purchasing power out of the market.Savings for You is most at risk of being accused of _______.

Predatory pricing

Consumer advocates call for which the following additional consumer?

The right to be well informed about important product aspects.

Sometimes a producer chooses only a few dealer in a territory to dispute its products or services. Generally these dealers are given a right to ______ distribution.


Brands occupy a level of social regard with respect to one another. We consider a Rolls-Royce or Bentley car differently than a Chevrolet or a Hyundia. This is an example of brand ______


______ calls for meeting the present needs of the consumers and businesses while also preserving or enhancing the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Sustainable Marketing

When a firm sets out to analyze, plan, implement and control sales force activities, it is undertaking _________.

Sales force management

According to the text, consumer preference isn't based on the taste alone. Consumers attach _____ to brands and develop _______ that go beyond a product's physical attributes.

meaning, relationships

______ are the sum of the ____ and ____ for any given level of production.

Total costs, fixed, variable costs

_____ includes all the activities involve in selling products or services directly to final consumers for their personal, non business use.


_______ occurs when two established brand names of different companies are used on the same product.


Clean and Clear, a large producer of all-natural hair care and beauty products, is most likely to use which of the promotional mix strategies to gin increased shelf space in stores and to gain increased customer sales?

Push and pull

Kathy Champe, a public relations specialist for a regional chain of pharmacies, regularly contacts members of the local and state-wide media with information about community events and charity fundraisers sponsored by her company. This is an example of the _____ function of public relation.

Press relation

Swatch surveyed the market and identified an unserved segement of watch buyers. Using these results, they created a watch at a price consumers were willing to pay. The unorthodox order of this marketing mix decision is an example of ________.

Target costing

When General Motors provides payments or price reductions to its new car dealers as rewards for participating in advertising and sales support programs, it is gaining a(n) ________.

Promotional allowance

Which of the following types of ads can users block through the use of applications developed by Web browser providers?


While advertising campaigns can help to create name recognition, brand knowledge, and maybe even some brand preference, brands are not maintained by advertising but by ______.

Brand experience

Advertising "puffery" is a term for _______.

innocent exaggeration for effect

________ is an organized movement of citizens and government agencies to improve the rights and power of buyers in relation to sellers.


Which of the description of a salesperson fits best with today's relationship marketing focus and solutions approach?

a listener, an understander, and a problem-solver salesperson

Which of the following is the least desirable quality for a brand name?

The name should be a long word to get attention

______ consists of short-term incentives to encourage the purchase or sale of a product or service. This offer reasons to buy it now.

Sales promotion

Logos, stationary, brochures, signs, business forms, business cards, buildings, uniforms, and the company trucks are all examples of _____ that help a company create an identity the public immediately recognizes.

corporate identity materials

Th most common type of contractual VMS agreement in business is the _______

Franchise organization

After determining its advertising objectives, the company's next step in developing an advertising program is to _____.

Set its advertising budget

Which of the following are major categories in the promotional mix?

advertising, sales promotion

The prospecting steps in the selling process includes identifying and ____ the prospects.


A ______ is a name, term, sign, symbol or design that identifies the maker or seller of a product or service.


Specialty stores carry ____ with _____ within them.

Narrow product lines; deep assortments

The marketing concept recognizes that organizations thrive from day to day by determining ____ of target group customers and fulfilling those more effectively and efficiently than competitors do.

needs and wants

The simplest pricing method is _______.

cost plus pricing

Green Gardens is a click-and-mortar seller of gardening and landscaping equipment. The marketing department wants to encourage shoppers at the physical stores to use the company's online catalog to order items that are not available at a given retail locations. Which of the following marketing devices is the best match for this goal?


When a company uses film makers, artists or musicians to help sell their brands it is called _______?

Branded entertainment

One of the advantages of direct marketing for sellers is that direct marketing __________.

Offers access to buyers outside local markets.

A key element in a company's relationship with consumers, a ______ represents consumers' perceptions and feelings about a product and its performance.

Product attribute

When a company compares the likely sales, costs, and profitability of different channel alternatives, it is using ______ criteria to evaluate its channel options.


Under _____, the market consists of a few sellers who are highly sensitive to each other's pricing and marketing strategies.

oligopolistic competition

In designing its marketing channel, Chairs for Every Occasion has moved from a make-and-sell view of its business, which focused on productive inputs and factory capacity as a starting point for marketing planning, to a sense-and-response view, which begins insted with needs of target customers. With this new view, Chairs for Every Occasion is developing its _____.

Demand chain

Catalogs, brochures, samples and dvd's are all examples of which type of marketing?

Direct-mail marketing

An IBM sales representative is giving product demonstrations to a Best Buy representative. Assisting with the demonstration are a Best Buy engineer, a financial analyst, and an information systems specialist. If IBM wins the Best Buy account, then all four IBM representatives will service the Best Buy account. This is an example of _______,

Team selling

Marketing of which of the following types of products would likely find it most challenging to attract visitors to a brand or marketing Web site?

Writing tools

The texts tells a story of a couple that are designed their wedding around Black & Decker's De Walt Brand. This is an extreme example of ________

Brand advocacy

In response to charges of ______, marketers point out that advertising makes much of television and radio free to users and also keeps down the costs of magazines and newspapers.

Cultural pollution

Which of the following is an example of a media that an advertiser might use to reach larger customer segments?

Network television

A _____ involves the use of a successful brand name to launch new or modified products in a new category

Brand extension

Which of the following is a part of sales force automation system frequently used by salespeople?

Customer-contact and relationship management software

In marketing terms, we say that number of intermediary levels indicates the ____ of a channel.


Companies should state their channel objectives in terms of targeted levels of _______.

Customer service

When suppliers, distributors, and customers partner with each other to improve the performance of the entire system, they are participation in a _________.

Value delivery network

Critics charge that high advertising and promotion costs unnecessarily increase retail prices. Marketers would most likely respond to this criticism by arguing that advertising adds ________.

value providing information about product availability and merits of a brand.

Organic Design is a small, successful chain of stores offering stylish clothes made of all organic materials for infants, toddlers, and young children. Most of Organic Designs stores are located in urban areas. Now Organic Designs is considering using direct marketing to reach potential customers who live outside of the company's existing markets, with the goal of creating emotional connections and long term relationships with a new group of customers. Which of the following methods of direct marketing would likely be most effective in accomplishing this goal?

Catalog marketing

Today, directly marketing relies heavily on database technologies and new marketing media. Early direct marketers primarily used direct mailers, telemarketing and _______.


The facts that a hotdog cost five times more at Disneyland than at Sam's Club is an example of ________.

Captive product pricing.

For a fee, some companies ______ names or symbols previously created by other manufacturers, names of well-known celebrities, and/or characters from popular movies and books, any of which can provide an instant and proven brand name.


Which of the following is a potential drawback of using Sales 2.0 technologies to make sales presentations and service accounts?


Costs that vary directly with the level of production are referred as to ____ costs.


Which strategies involves weeding out weaker brands and focusing marketing dollars only on brands that can achieve the number-one or number-two market share positions in their categories?


Under ______, the market consists of many buyers and sellers trading in a uniform commodity such as wheat, copper, or financial securities.

Pure competition

Which of the following is a factor in the changes occurring in today's marketing communications?

Improvements in communication technologies are changing how companies and customers communicate with each others.

Consumers view a brand as an important part of a product and branding can add ______.


Apple recently ran ads featuring real people who had switched from Microsoft Windows-based PC's to Macs. When companies use people, actors, or sports celebrities as product endorsers, what kind of execution style is being used?

Testimonial evidence

A conventional distribution channel consists of one or more ____ producers, wholesalers, and retailers.


What does the term viral marketing mean?

It is the Internet version of word-of-mouth marketing.

Companies are doing less ____ and more ___ as a result of an explosion of more focused media that better match today's targeting strategies.

Broadcasting; narrowcasting

Which of the following are the three major types of vertical marketing system?

corporate, contractual, and administrative

Critics claim that companies in the ____ industries introduce planned streams of new products that make older models obsolete, a form of planned obsolescence that harms consumers.

Consumer electronics and computers

Which of the following are important decisions during the process of developing an advertising program?

Setting advertising objectives, setting the advertising budget

A company's channel decisions directly affect every ______.

Marketing decisions

A distinguishing feature on a contractual VMS is that coordination and conflict management among the independent members of the channel are attained through _____.

Contractual agreements

Which promotional mix strategy directs marketing efforts towards final consumers?


Consumers Union, the nonprofit testing and information organization, publishes ____ to assist the consumer in choosing products and to encourage business to eliminate products flaws.

Consumer reports

An e-mail from Amazon.ca offers free shipping on your next purchase of more than 40$. This is an example of a _____.

Sales promotion