Entertainment Marketing Analysis

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Question 4: Nature of the Changes-New Marketing Characteristics
According to McKelvey and Grady (2008), a majority of the changes experienced in entertainment marketing can be attributed to the technological changes which have shaped the marketing characteristics in order to meet the changing customer needs and business needs which promotes positive outcomes. The nature of the changes is mainly the content involved in the entertainment marketing as well as the styles used to market the companies. Traditionally, the entertainment marketing have focused on the use of entertainment methods such as television, film and celebrities to promote brands. However, the industry has since experienced significant changes which has seen the rise in new
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The current marketing approaches in entertainment marketing also focus on the product attributes as well as the categorical experiences with the products/services which tends to motivate consumers to have a personal connection with the brand. This is common in brands that evoke strong brand experiences. According to Repovienė (2017), there exists a positive relationship between the brand experience and the emotional experience among the customers which contributes to the overall success of the brand. On the other hand, Goldsmith (2004) argues the nature of the changes in the entertainment marketing is characterized by improvement in brand personality and reputation. Brand personality often relates to the human characteristics of the brand and incorporates several dimensions such as enthusiasm, sincerity, competence, sophistication, and solidity. This marketing characteristic has influenced increased competition in all industries while promoting differentiation and positioning of the brands in the market. In this regard, the changes in the entertainment marketing have helped the industry positively by establishing a positive relationship with the customer's experience with the …show more content…
In this regard, organizations have improved chances of gaining larger market share and maximize the overall success of the market. Researchers such as Obal, Krey & Bushardt (2016) argue that the changes in entertainment marketing have created a positive impact in the businesses due to increased profit margins, a better understanding of consumer needs and preferences and improved abilities of the organizations to shape their image both locally and

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