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Boiler overload capacity is normally what percentage of boiler full power capacity


What is the minimum steam drum pressure on an operating boiler

85% of boiler operating pressure

What is the standard size of firebrick

2.5” X 4.5” X 9”

Refractory expansion joints are normally what size


A boiler purge will have how many volumetric air changes


Once a boiler purge is complete fires must be lighted within what time frame

5 minutes

Fuel oil temperature at the burner front shouldn’t exceed what temperature

125 degrees Fahrenheit

Castable refactory must be air cured for how long prior to baking out

Two Days

What type of tile is made of silicon carbide

Baffle tile

What does NSTM 221 cover


Water contamination tests for fuel oil storage and service tanks and procedures for cleaning such contaminated tanks can be found where

NSTM 541 Petroleum and fuel oil testing in

Insulating block is capable of withstanding what maximum temperature

1500 degrees Fahrenheit

The deaerated feedwater used in the hot deaerated backfill layup shall meet what dissolved oxygen limit

15 PPB

What is the required amount of sodium nitrate that is used for a sodium nitrate wet layup

10 LBS per 1000 gallons of feed water

What does NSTM 593 cover

Pollution control

What is the periodicity of lubricating sliding feet


What is the minimum water temperature used for hydrostatic testing

70 degrees Fahrenheit

What is the maximum water temperature used for hydrostatic testing


What hydrostatic test methods use design pressure

135 and 150 percent

How long must hydrostatic pressure be maintained prior to conducting the inspection of pressure parts

15 minutes