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Open Source Software (OSS) is freely developed and continuously improved by a large community of software developers.


Commands indicate the name of a program to execute and are case sensitive.


Linux uses a logical directory tree to organize files into different folders.


It is acceptable to use shell metacharacters when naming files.


The rmdir command automatically removes a directory and all of its subdirectories and files.


There can be multiple device files per device.


You can use a small bootable Linux kernel to fix problems related to the following: the boot loader;filesystems and partitions; the configuration file; and drivers.


You are limited to using one pipe | metacharacter on the command line to pipe information from onecommand to another command.


Each process can start an unlimited number of other processes.


The ps command is the only command that can view process information.


The killall command uses the PID to kill a process.


After a process has been started, you can change its priority by using the renice command.


If you want to enable a printer, you must specify the printer name to the cupsenable command.


CUPS contains versions of the lpr, lpc, lpq, and lprm commands.


A user can only be a member of one group.


The tar utility cannot back up device files or files with filenames longer than 255 characters.


It is good form to read the Makefile after you run the configure script.


Home users can use a LAN, but not a WAN.


Class D addresses are used for multicasting.


A route table is a list of TCP/IP networks that is stored in system memory.


The use of NFS is less common than the use of FTP to transfer files on public networks.


Performing regular system backups and identifying potential problem areas are examples of reactive maintenance.


If the / filesystem becomes corrupted, the system is unstable and must be turned off.


Performance problems are caused by hardware, not software.


A(n) ____ is a piece of software that tells the operating system how to use a specific hardware device.

device driver

The ____ indicates the stability of a Linux kernel.

major number

The concept of ____ enables software developers to read other developers’ source code, modify that source code to make the software better, and redistribute that source code to other developers who might improve it further.

Open Source Software

The ____ stipulates that the source code of any software published under its license must be freely available.

GNU General Public License

The core component of the GUI in Linux is referred to as ____.

X Windows

Companies and institutions using computers to perform extraordinarily large calculations that would be unsuitable for most computers would employ a(n) ____.


____ is the most common method of installing Linux.

Installation from a DVD

The shell that is used by default in Linux is the ____ shell.


____ are specific letters that start with a dash (“-“).


The command that displays the calendar for the current month is ____.


The ____ metacharacter indicates background command execution.


____ is the metacharacter for command termination.


The ____ command will confirm the system directory that you are currently in.


To move from the /home/joe/test/data to the /home/joe directory, use the ____ command.

cd ../..

The ____ regular expression metacharacter matches 0 or more occurrences of the previous character.


In the FHS, the ____ directory contains most system commands and utilities.


Copying a file can be accomplished using the ____ command.


The fastest method to search for files in the Linux directory tree is to use the ____ command.


To create a hard link, you must use the ____ command.


The section of an inode that stores permissions is called the ____ of the file.


Devices that transfer data in a character-by-character fashion are referred to as ____ devices.


If you do not know the type, major, or minor number of a device, you can use the ____ command to re-create the device based on the common name.


The ____ filesystem is used by software programs that write to a CD-RW or DVD-RW drive.


Data is read off of hard disks in concentric circles called ____.


To ensure that Linux has detected the correct amount of RAM in the system after installation, you can view the contents of the ____ file.


The ____ file in the /proc directory contains a list of memory address ranges reserved for device use.


The file descriptor stderr is represented by the number ____.


You can use the BASH shell to redirect standard output and standard error from the terminal screen to a file on the filesystem using the ____ shell metacharacter followed by the absolute or relative pathname of the file.


You can redirect a file to the standard input of a command using the ____ metacharacter.


You can send the standard output of one command to another command as standard input using the ____ shell metacharacter.


The ____ command counts the number of lines, words, and characters in a file.


The ____ command can be used to extract, manipulate, and format text using pattern-action statements.


To see a list of the environment variables and their current values on a system, you can use the ____command.


In the /etc/lilo.conf file, the ____ keyword specifies the absolute pathname to the Linux kernel.


In the /etc/lilo.conf file, the ____ keyword specifies the file that contains the physical layout of the disk drive.


In Linux, runlevel ____ is also known as multiuser mode.


After configuring X Windows, you can fine-tune the vsync and hsync of the video card using the ____ utility within the desktop environment.


In the output of the ps -l command, the ____ column is the most valuable to systems administrators because it indicates what the process is currently doing.

process state

The ____ option to the ps command displays all processes that do not run on terminals.


After a background process has been started, it can be moved to the foreground by using the ____ command.


Processes are started with a nice value of ____ by default.


To send a print job to a printer, you must first use the ____ command and specify what to print.


To see a list of all printers on the system and their status, you can use the -t option to the ____ command.


You can restrict who can print to certain printers by using the ____ command.


The ____ log file contains information and error messages regarding network access generated by daemons such as sshd and xinetd.


The ____ priority used by the System Log Daemon indicates an error that should be rectified immediately, such as a corrupt system database.


You can create user accounts on the Linux system by using the ____ command.


The compression algorithm used by the compress utility has an average compression ratio of ____%.


When using the compress utility, each file is renamed with a(n) ____ filename extension to indicate that it is compressed.


When using the cpio utility, the ____ option causes a new archive to be created.


The ____ command looks for a Makefile and uses the information within to compile the source code into binary programs using the appropriate compiler program for the local hardware architecture.


The subnet mask for a Class B IP address is ____.

The ____ command can be used to assign a TCP/IP configuration to a NIC as well as view the configuration of all network interfaces in the computer.


The /etc/resolv.conf file can contain up to ____ DNS servers.


A common utility used to troubleshoot routing is the ____ command.


The ____ utility can be used to obtain a shell from a remote computer on the network without specifying a password.


____ is a remote administration tool that encrypts information that passes across the network.

Secure Shell (SSH)

The ____ zone configuration file contains a PTR record used to identify the loopback adapter.


In NTP, stratum ____ consists of atomic devices or GPS clocks.


To identify any missing files in a package or package dependency, you can use the ____ option to the rpm command, followed by the name of the package.


The shell restricts the number of file handles that programs can open to ____ by default.


The ____ option to the iptables command can be used to specify the default policy for a certain chaintype.


The ____ option to the iptables command can be used to specify the destination address of packets for a rule.


____________________ consists of the physical components inside a computer that are electrical in nature.


The ____________________ is the core component of the Linux operating system.

Linux Kernel

A(n) ____________________ is a computer or special hardware device that provides interconnection between company networks, home networks, and institutional networks.


The ability for a computer to increase workload as the number of processors increases is known as ____________________.


A(n) ____________________ specifies the parameters that tailor a command to your particular needs.


When a user logs into their Linux system, he is placed in the ____________________ directory.


Text wildcards used to ease the searching of specific text information are called ____________________.

regular expressions

An alternative to the vi editor that offers an equal set of functionality is the GNU ____________________.

Emacs editor

To copy a directory full of files in Linux, you must tell the cp command that the copy will be ____________________ (involve files and subdirectories too) by using the -R option.


The ____________________ command only searches directories that are listed in a special variable called the PATH variable in the current BASH shell.


To create a(n) ____________________ link, you use the -s option to the ln command.


When a user creates a file or directory, that user’s name and ____________________ becomes the owner and group owner of the file, respectively.

primary group

If you find a corrupted device file, or accidentally delete a device file, the ____________________ command can be used to re-create the device file if you know the type, major, and minor numbers.


Creating a filesystem on a device is commonly referred to as ____________________.


An extended partition can contain many subpartitions called ____________________.

logical drives

Fault tolerant hard disk configurations are typically implemented by a(n) _____________________________________________.


If you have an installed Linux system, you can use the ____________________ command to write an ISO image to a USB flash memory drive.


Most commands that are run by the shell are run in a separate ____________________, which is created by the current shell.


The ____________________ command takes user input from stdin and places it in a variable specified by an argument.


When a computer first initializes, the system BIOS performs a(n) _________________________.

Power On Self Test

The first daemon process on a system is called the ____________________ daemon.

initialize (init)

The init daemon uses its configuration file, ____________________, determine the number of daemons that need to be loaded on the system to provide system services.


A(n) ____________________ defines the number and type of daemons that are loaded into memory and executed by the kernel on a particular system.


You can see whether a daemon script was executed successfully at boot time by checking the contents of the____________________ file after the system has fully initialized.


A(n) ____________________ refers to a program that is running in memory and on the CPU.


The ____________________ can be used to affect the process priority indirectly.

nice value

Processes that have encountered an error during execution and continuously uses up system resources are referred to as ____________________ processes.


In a process referred to as ____________________, when executing compiled programs or shell scripts, the BASH shell that interprets the command you typed creates a new BASH shell.


A set of information that is sent to a printer at the same time is called a(n) ____________________.

print job

On a CUPS printing system, to remove a print job that is in the print queue, you can use the ____________________ command followed by the print job IDs of the jobs to remove.


The ____________________ facility used by the System Log Daemon specifies messages from the Linux kernel.


The ____________________ utility uses the Burrows-Wheeler Block Sorting Huffman Coding algorithm when compressing files.


A(n) ____________________ backup backs up only the data that has been changed since the last backup.


Two or more computers that are connected with media that can exchange information are called a(n) ____________________.


A network ____________________ breaks information down into packets that can be recognized by workstations, routers, and other devices on a network.


The IP address of the network interface on the router to which you send packets is called the____________________.

default gateway

____________________ is the process in which a single large network is subdivided into several smaller networks to control traffic flow and improve manageability.


You can view or set the host name for a Linux computer using the ____________________ command.


The first DNS server in a zone is called the ____________________ DNS server.

master or primary

To share information to Windows client computers, you can use the ____________________ daemon, which emulates the SMB protocol.


Processes can initiate numerous connections, called ____________________, to files on the filesystem in addition to standard input, standard output, and standard error.

file handles

When performance issues arise, you can compare the output of performance utilities to the ____________________ values found in the system log book.


The ____________________ command is used to view the current SELinux status.