Differences Between Windows And Linux

Introduction Individuals today press a button or two and in order to power up a computer. Did any of the users stop to think about what is making this action of the computer happen? The computer also spends a great deal of time responding to the user. The one software program behind all of these actions is the operating system. “An operating system (OS) is a main program on any computer which runs the other programs on the computer.” (Cite). This is the most important part of the computer because it manages both the hardware and software used on the computer. The types of software that you are able to utilize would be based on what particular operating system is installed into the computer. Two types of operating systems which are currently used are Windows and Linux. Windows is the operating system from Microsoft which has become …show more content…
The major difference is that in Linux the users can access and alter the kernel which is the very foundation of the program while Windows has a close-sourced code foundation. Linux is constantly being updated so any bugs or issues are worked out. The next major difference is the licensing freedom versus the licensing restrictions. Windows allows you to install the operating system into one computer while Linux allows one license to be used in multiple computers. Customer support is actually handled similarly between the two operating systems. Linux and Windows users can rely on the information online and from other users or can purchase professional help desk assistance. Most people feel more comfortable with Windows because they have a contact that they can use to resolve issues. Linux still does not work one hundred percent on personal laptops or computers but this is improving. Finally Linux has a centralized location of all programs and applications that a user might need to install. With Windows the user needs to know what program or disc that they need to

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