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Name the five programming facets

The Arts

National Trends and Services

International Trends and Services

Services to Youth

Health and human services

How many Chapters of Links?


How many members?

Over 14,000

The Links is divided into how many areas?


Who was the pledge composed by?

Sarah Strickland Scott

Three purposes of The Links, Incorporated are to promote and engage in what activities?




What date was the Links founded

November 9, 1946

Who were the founders of The Links, Incorporated?

Margaret Roselle Hawkins

Sarah Strickland Scott

In what state was the organization first incorporated

New Jersey

Where is the organization currently incorporated?

Washington, D.C.

The Links, Incorporated has a 501(c)4 tax exempt status. The Links Foundation,Incorporated has a 501(c) _____________ tax exempt status.


Name our Past National Presidents

1st Sarah Strickland Scott

2nd Margaret Roselle Hawkins

3rd Pauline Fletcher Weeden Maloney

4th Vivian Jones Beamon

5th Helen Gray Edmonds, Ph. D.

6th Pauline Allen Ellison

7th Julia Brogdon Purnell, Ph.D.

8th Dolly Desselle Adams, Ed.D.

9th Regina Jollivette Frazier, R.Ph.

10th Marion S. Sutherland

11th Patricia Russell-McCloud, J.D.

12th Barbara Dixon Simpkins, Ed. D.

13th Gladys Gary Vaughn, Ph.D.

14th Gwendolyn B. Lee, Ph.D.

15th Margot James Copeland

Current President

Glenda Newell-Harris, M.D

Vice President and Chair, Membership

Kimberly Jeffries Leonard, Ph.D.


Clara Lee


Carolyn E. Lewis

National Parliamentarian:

Margaret Winn

Name the four (4) elected officer positions and elected committee chair position atthe area level:

a. Area Director

b. Area Vice Director

c. Area Secretary

d. Area Treasurer

e. Area Nominating Committee Chair

40th National Assembly (Year) ___________ (City) _______________________________

2016 Las Vegas, NV

41st National Assembly (Year) ___________ (City) _______________________________

2018 Indianapolis, IN

The words of The Links, Incorporated song was written by ____________________________, amember of the _________________________________________________ Chapter.
Frances Atkinson/Philadelphia

Who was the music written by

Marietta Cephas


White Rose




Linked in friendship, connected in service

Current theme

Building a Healthy Legacy: Our Prescription for the Future


Daughter of a Link

How many delegates and how many alternates to National Assembly?

one, one

Who is responsible for operations between Assemblies?

Executive Council

Children of Links


Husbands of Links

Connecting Links

Area Conferences odd or even?


The Area Director is a member of the ____

Executive Council

Minimum number of chapter members


Minimum age for DOL


Transfer to another chapter must submit request between May 1and ____________________________.

December 1

Affiliate Member

I joined the Philadelphia (PA) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated and my job hasmoved me to Paris, France for a special assignment for two years but there is not a Linkschapter there. I should request and complete the paperwork necessary to transfer mymembership status to become this category of member

Alumna Member

I have been a member of The Links, Incorporated for at least 30 years and while Istill want to attend meetings, Area Conferences and Assemblies, I would prefer toparticipate in chapter events when I can, rather than be required. I should initiate thepaperwork necessary to seek this membership status.

Provisory Member

I recently returned from the hospital and because of significant medical problems Iam not able to get around as in the past. It will be extremely difficult for me to attendchapter meetings for the next 4-5 months but I do expect a complete recovery within thenext 8 -9 months. I should talk with my chapter president about requesting thismembership category.

Member on Leave of Absence

Only 10% of a chapter’s membership may take this membership status at any giventime.

Platinum Member

I have been a member of The Links, Incorporated for 30 years and I am 80 years old,or I have been a member for 50 years, therefore I am now eligible to be recognized in thisspecial membership category.

What obligations to a chapter does a member on leave of absence have?


One-In-Five Requirement

Active members are required to attend one Area Conference or National Assemblywithin a predetermined and designated five year period.

Anyextended leave request by the same member, beyond the initial two years must beapproved and granted by what officer?

Area Director

This facet started as a National Talent Search for Academically Talented and Gifted Youth atthe 10th National Assembly (1958) _

Services to Youth

The HeartLinks Signature Program, which was initiated under the_________________________________ facet, is now a part of the Health and Human Services facet.

National Trends and Services

This concept in programming calls for the integration of all facets around a central focus.What is this concept? _________________________________


Under the guidance of Past National President ______________________________ and within theboundaries of the ________________________ program facet, chapters and members of The Links,Incorporated built or refurbished schools in Africa to make a direct difference in the lives ofAfrican families.

Barbara Dixon Simpkins/International Trends and Services

________________________________, a signature program of the _______________________________program facet, encourages African Americans to become organ, tissue and bone marrowdonors.

Linkages to Life/Health and Human Services

This signature program, ______________________________________________________, focuses onclassical arts education in the performing arts, visual arts, film, literature and theatre foryouth of color. It is the signature program of what program facet?

Classics Through the Ages/The Arts

Each September, Links chapters participate in the ______________________________________, a signature program that promotes the importance of regular physical activity.

National Walk-A-Thon

Under this national president, The Links, Incorporated obtained United Nations status as aNon-governmental Organization (NGO)

Dolly Desselle Adams

Under the leadership of this national president, three linkages were created under theNational Trends and Services facet.

Patricia Russell-McCloud

Under the leadership of this national president, the Scott-Hawkins Leadership Institute wascreated.

Gladys Gary Vaughn

Under the leadership of this national president, The Links, Incorporated purchased its first headquarters.

Dolly Desselle Adams

Under the leadership of this national president, the National Trends and Services facet wasestablished

Pauline Weeden Maloney

The first medical doctor to be elected as national president

Glenda Newell-Harris

This national president was the first from the Western Area

Marion S. Sutherland

The first Heir-o-Link to become a national president was

Regina Jollivette Frazier

10th National President

Marion S. Sutherland

Presented $150,000 to the UNCF making our total contribution$500,000

Pauline Allen Ellison

Under the leadership of this national president, Condoleeza Rice was inducted into TheLinks, Incorporated as an honorary member

Margot James Copeland

Served as president the longest (1962-1970).

Vivian Jones Beamon

President established Grants-in-Aid as an integral part of Linkdom

Helen Gray Edmonds

Under this national president, the National Civil Rights Museum was selected to receive the one million grant award from The Links, Incorporated.

Gladys Gary Vaughn

This national president instituted the White Rose Banquet as an Assembly feature

Julia Brogdon Purnell

Under the leadership of this national president, The Links, Incorporated built 52 schools inSouth Africa.

Barbara Dixon Simpkins

This national president is a renowned author and public speaker

Patricia Russell-McCloud

Under the leadership of this national president, The Links, Incorporated established thefifth national program facet, Health and Human Services.

Gwendolyn B. Lee

This national president celebrated the 65th anniversary of the organization with a gala and rededication ceremony of the national headquarters.

Margot James Copeland

9th National President

Regina Jollivette Frazier

This national president spearheaded the mission to organize and operate a national headquarters with staff

Pauline Ellison