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What are the __ types of Fluid in the body and where can they be found?
Plasma - Blood vessels
Interstitial Fluid - in between cells
Lymph - Lymph vessels
what are the __ components of the Lymphatic System
Lymphatic vessels
lymphatic organs
Lymphatic cells
What are the __ functions of the Lymphatic system

-return leaked plasma (interstitial fluid) to the bloodstream
-screen lymph for foreign substance (antigens)
-house lymphocytes that generate the immune response
- trasport dietary lipids
what is the flow of lymph
t/f lymph capillaries are closed ended
t/f lymph fluid can move both directions in the capillaries

cells overlap to make one way flaps
lymph capillaries occur everywhere blood capillaries occur except.....
red bone marrow, CNS, avascular tissues
what are lacteals
Special lymphatic capillaries in the small intestine
what is the function of lacteals
Pick up interstitial fluid, dietary lipids, and lipid-soluble vitamins
lymph inside the Gi tract/lacteals is called
where do lymphatic vessels receive lymph from
lymphatic capillaries
how do lymphatic vessels prevent back flow in their low pressure system
t/f lymphatic vessels are like veins in that they have three tunics
t/f afferent vessels flow away from the lymph nodes
t/f efferent vessels flow away from the lymph nodes
what are the anatomical structures of a lymph node
afferent and efferetn vessels
cortex and medulla
macophages, denderitic cells and lymphocytes
what are the function of a lymph node
Screen lymph for foreign antigens
Initiate immune response
what are the location of the lymph nodes
scattered though out body
what is the function of the lymphatic ducts
return lymph to cardiovascular system
where do the lymphatic ducts return lymph to the cardiovascular system
at the junction of the subclavian veins and the internal jugular veins on either side
what area of the body is drained by the lymphatic duct
upper right quadrant
what are of the body is drained by the thoracic duct
everything except upper right quadrant
what is lymphedema
Edema due to lymph node obstruction
what are some causes of lymphedema
worms lodge in lymph nodes
surgical removal of nodes
malignant tumors of nodes
what is elephantiasis
extreme case of lymphedema
where is lymphedema commonly found in the world
southeast asia and africa
is lymphedema curable or operable
what is the difference between the structures of lymphatic nodules and lymphatic organs
nodules are not surround by connective tissue
what is contained within lymphatic nodules
macrophages, dendritic cells and lymphovytes
what is the function of a lymphatic nodule
screen for and attack foreign antigens
where are the lymphatic nodules located
mucosa associated lymphoid tissue(MALT)
-gastrointestinal, respiratory, genital and urinary tracts
tonsils protect the ______ from infection
what are the symptoms of tonsillitis
sore throat
difficulty swallowing
tonsillectomies are only advised if the person has had
6-7 infections in one year
or 2-3 infections per year for several years
what are contained within the lymphatic organs
dendritic cells
what is the only difference between lymphatic nodules and lymphatic organs
organs are surrounded by connective tissue
what are the lymphatic organs
lymph nodes
what is the function of the thymus
site for t-lymphocyte maturation
large in infants and young children, shrinks after.....
the cortex of the thymus contains_______ t-cells
the medulla of the thymus contains ________ t-cells
what is the largest lymphatic organ`
where is the spleen located
upper left quadrant of abdomen
what is contained within the white pulp of the spleen
lymphocytes and macrophages
what si the function of the white pulp of the spleen
monitors blood for feoren antigens initiates an immune response when antigens are found
what is the function of the red pulp of the spleen
blood reservoir
site for hemolysis
removes debris from blood
what are the different types of lymphatic cells
macrophages and dendritic cells
what are the characteristics of lymphocytes
Most abundant cell type
B-lymphocytes, T-lymphocytes, and Natural Killer cells
Migrate through the lymphatic system searching for foreign antigens
what are the characteristics of macrophages and dendrite cells
Phagocytosis of foreign substances
Antigen presentation to lymphocytes to initiate immune response
what are the different types of lymphocytes
natural killer celss
what are the two main types of t-lymphocytes
helper t-cells CD4
cytotoxic t-cells CD8
how do helper t-cells work
Orchestrate an effective immune response by secreting cytokines (chemical signals that bind to and activate other immune system cells)
how do cytotoxic t-cells work
Kill abnormal cells by secreting substances that break down the cell’s membrane
what are the "other" types of t- cells
memory t-cells
regulatory t-cells
what is the function of memory t-cells
patro body after an attack
what is the function of regulatory t-cells
turn off immune response
once activated b-lymphocytes dived and becoem
plasma cells
memory b lymphocytes
plasma cells produce
immunoglobulins (anibodies)
-antibodies bind to antigens, tagging them for destruction
what is the function of memory b lymphocytes
patrol the body after an attack
easily activated if infected again
T/f NK cells can only respond to one type of antigen

NK cells can kill a wide variety of infected cells and some cancerous cells
t/f b and t cells can only respond to a singe antigen
where are NK cells and b cells developed
Red bone marrow
what cell are b, t and NK cells derived from
hemopoietic stem cells
hemopoietic stem cells migrate to the _________ to mature into t-cells
lymphocyte table
what is lymphoma
cancer of the lymphatic cells
lymphoma is often found as a
swollen lymph node
what are the characteristics of hodgkins lymphoma
Presence of Reed-Sternberg cell
If caught early prognosis is good
is non-hodgkins lymphoma curable
Variable prognosis, depending on the type
why is HIV so troublesome
tagets helper t-cells
when does HIv become AIDS
when helper t-cells count below 200 cells/mm3
can AIDS be cured

Drug cocktail can stop progression but it must be taken for life