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51. pervenīre Rōmam
to come to Rome
52. opportūnō locō positum
to be favourably situated
53. ad septentriōnēs
to lie to the north
54. ōceanum attingere
to be contiguous, adjacent to the ocean
55. urbem ingredī
to enter a city
56. in ūnum locum convenīre
to collect together at one spot
57. locus amoenus / loca amoena
pleasant districts
58. ignem (tectis) subicere/ īnferre
to set (houses) on fire
59. tempus nōn āmittere
to lose no time
60. quōquō versus
in all directions
61. in aliud tempus differre
to put off till another time
62. humī iacēre
to lie on the ground
63. nūmen deōrum
the sovereign power of the gods
64. religio
subjectively - religious feeling, devotion, fear of God.

objectively - the objecto religious fear; a sacred thing or place, also that which is contrary to the gods' will.
65. cultus deōrum
worship of the gods; divine service
66. religiōnem alicuī afferre / inicere
to inspire some one with religious scruples.
67. apud īnferōs
to be in the lower world
68. iūrāre // iūs iūrandum dare
to swear an oath to a person.
69. pēierāre // iūs iūrandum neglegere / violāre
to commit perjury, perjure oneself // to break one's oath.
70. crēdere / putāre esse deōs
to believe in the existence of the gods.
71. negāre esse deōs
to deny the existence of the gods.
72. dīs iuvantibus
dis iuvantibus
73. sacrificāre // sacrificium / rēs dīvīnam facere
to sacrifice
74. vōta facere / nuncupāre / suscipere
to make a vow
75. auspicātō
after having duly taken the auspices
76. voluntaria mors
77. lacrimas tenēre nōn (vix) posse
to be hardly able to restrain one's tears
78. in morbum incidere
to fall ill
79. dē vītā dēcēdere
to depart this life
80. in angustiīs esse
to be in a dilemma; in difficulties
81. quae cum ita sint
under such circumstances
82. quod ad mē attinet
as far as I'm concerned
83. in discrīmine esse
a man's life is at stake, is in vety great danger
84. opem ferre alicuī
to bring aid to; to rescue
benevolentiam colligere
to find favour with some one; to get into their good graces
86. in ōre omnium esse
to be in every one's mouth.
87. cāsū
by chance, by a twist of fate
88. in rēbus secundīs
in a state of prosperity
89. bene merērī dē aliquō
to deserve well at some one's hands; to do a service to..
90. grātiōsum esse apud aliquem
to be popular influential.
91. occāsiōnem āmittere/ omittere
lo lose, let slip an oppotunity (through carelessness) / through indifference)
92. ex quō fit, ut
that is (the reason) why...
93. frūctum / frūctūs capere
to derive profit or advantage
94. hoc mihi dētrīmentō est
this is a disadvantage for me.