Good And Evil In Paradise Lost

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In works based on the Christian religion God is often portrayed as all-knowing and all-powerful. This is how God is portrayed throughout Paradise Lost, he is always able to stop Satan because he always has a plan. One plan by God that is seen in the text is the creation of humankind. He wants a new species, one with free will, not a creation that will follow God because they are programmed to, but because they believe it is the right thing to do. However, God seems upset at some of mankind’s choices when he says
…[M]an disobeying,
Disloyal, breaks his fealty, and sins
Against the high supremacy of Heaven,
Affecting God-head, and, so losing all,
To expiate his treason hath naught left,
But to destruction sacred and devote,
He, with his whole
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This is to remind the reader who at this point may think that Satan is making some good points that Satan is supposed to be the evil one of the text. Or to put doubt into the reader who already firmly believes that Satan is evil. Causing them to second guess themselves and question why Milton constantly is trying say that Satan and God are similar, but that just Satan is being evil. This quote also contains Satan’s justification to himself that his actions are correct, and that what he is doing is correct because of the times God has wronged him. If God and Satan are constantly being mirrored throughout the text, then (Paradise Lost 3.p.757,ll. 204-213) could be God’s justification that something big has to be done as justice for the sin committed by Adam and Eve. His first two ideas of ending all of humankind or ending justice itself end up not being his final plan. Instead, he sends his Son Jesus Christ to try and fix humankind. If God is all-knowing, then it is completely possible that Adam and Eve’s sin was another test to see if humankind was ready for his true plan of sending down his Son. God wanted to create a race that had the ability to make decisions for themselves, yet chose to worship him. He knew this would be hard, and I believe it was his plan all along to have Eve sin so that he could send Jesus Christ to Earth. This means that it is possible that Adam and Eve had no true “free will” if they were just following God’s plan and it is only God that has the power of free

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