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Minerva, filia lovis, nata est plena scientiae et ingenii.
Minerva the daughter of Jupiter, was born filled with wisdom and talent
Custodiae si cum duce nostro libere loquantur et huic tyrannum tradere conentur, sine periculo ex moenobus urbis protinus egredi possint.
If the guards speak freely with our leader, and if they try to hand over the tyrant to him, they are able to go out immediately from the walls of the city without danger.
Parere legibus aequis melius est quam tyranno servire.
It was better to obey fair laws than to serve a tyrant.
Cum optime honoribus usus esset et sibi civitatem semper anteponeret, etiam plebs ei credebat et non invidebat.
Since he had used his office very well and since he had preferred the state to himself always, even the common people trusted him and did not envy them.
Diu passa, mater vestra feliciter, sedens apud amicos, mortua est.
Your mother having suffered for a long time, died happily, sitting among her friends.
Philosophi consilium spectaverunt et recusaverunt talem rem suscipere molirive.
The philosopher looked at the plan and they refused to undertake such a thing or work at it.
Cum dives sis atque divitiae crescant, tamen opibus tuis parcere vis et nemini assem offeres.
Although you are rich and your riches are increasing, nevertheless, you wish to spare your wealth and you will offer nobody a penny.
Ab illa insula subito profectus, eadem nocte ad patriam nave advenit; tum, quaerens remissionem animae, diu rusticabatur.
Having set out suddenly from that island he came to his fatherland by ship on that same night, then seeking rest for his spirit he had a long time in the country.
Hic miles, cum imperatori vestro non placerent, heu, illa praemia promissa amisit.
This soldier, because he did not please your commander, alas he lost those promised rewards.
Nisi mores pares scientiae sunt- id nobis fatendum est- scientia nobis magnopere.
Unless character is equal to knowledge- we must not admit- knowledge can harm us greatly.
Magistra tum rogavit duos parvos pueros quot digitos haberent.
The teacher, then, asked the two small boys how many fingers they had.
Mater canidida natae carissimae, subridet, quam maxime fovet, et ei plurima oscula suavia dat.
The beautiful mother smiled down upon her dearest daughter, whom she cherishes greatly, and gives her very many sweet kisses.