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When designing an irrigation system, what units are used to measure the velocity of water in a pipe?

pounds per square inch (psi)

On a site with poor and moisture sensitive soils what is used to separate the native soils from imported material.

Geotextile Fabrics

Surveying that takes into account the curvature of the earth.

Geodetic Surveying

Used to measure illumination on a surface.

Footcandle (lux)

A measure of the total quantity of visible light emitted by a source.


When mixing irrigation heads of various radius sizes, the irrigation head nozzle must have matching...

Flow Rates

Nominal sized lumber is sized prior to

Shrinkage and planning

The major load-carrying member in a wood deck design?


Beams that span more than two post are?


In geotechnical engineering, ________ is the capacity of soil to support the loads applied to the ground.

Bearing capacity

Sloping structures placed on banks or cliffs in such a way as to absorb the energy of incoming water


Structures constructed on coasts as part of coastal defense or to protect an anchorage from the effects of both weather and longshore drift.


The process of dumping or pumping sand from elsewhere onto an eroding shoreline to create a new beach or to widen the existing beach.

Beach Renourishment

The type of contract in which the contractor's payment is based upon measurement ofwork completed is a...

Unit Cost

If the contractor defaults on a public project, who will assume responsibility to completethe work?

Surety Company

Surface Drainage Calculation


Q - Runoff in cubic feet per second

C - Runoff Coefficient (Pervious to Impervious)

I - Intensity of Storm

A - Area

Slope Range for Hardscape (non-ramp)

1% - 5%

Slope Range for Softscape

2% - 3:1(33%)

Swales are generally ______ deep and located on the ______ side of the road.



Universal Slope Calculation


G = Gradient of the Slope

D= Difference in Elevation (Rise)

L = Length of the Slope (Run)

The distance between contours is the _________?

Contour Interval

1 mile = ______ ft


The horizontal angle measure from North to East or North to West, South to East or South to West


-bearing cannot be greater than 90 degrees

Circumference of Circle

pi x diameter

Area of Circle

pi x radius squared

Pi = ____


One square mile = _______ acres


One acre = ______ sq ft


Any sedimentary or igneous rock created with increase in temperature or pressure - from deep in the earth's crust


Rock formed directly from cooling lava.


Pieces of rock cemented together by chemicals or minerals


Classifications of Soils

Gravel (G)

Sand (S)

Silt (M)

Clay (C)

Organics (O)

When a soil passes from a solid state to a liquid state with.

Liquid Limit

The quality which permits the movement of water and air through the most restrictive soil layer in the rooting zone


Capacity of soil to support the loads applied to the ground

Bearing Capacity

The ability of soils to stick together


A dense layer of soil usually found beneath the uppermost topsoil layer


The resistance of soil to movement when pressure or impact is applied

Shear Resistance

The transportation of non-cohesive sediments, mainly sand, along the shore face due to the action of breaking waves

Littoral Drift

Soil Horizon

O - organic matter

A - top soil

B - subsoil

C - parent material of horizons A and B

R - hard bedrock

Pythagorean Theorem

a squared + b squared = c squared

Stair - Tread/ Riser Equation

(2 x Riser) + Tread = 26 or 27

Silt Fences are best on site of _____ acres or less.


A term from the fields of hydrology and sewage collection and disposal that describes the relative wetness or dryness of a watershed or sanitary sewershed

Antecedent Moisture

Primary entrances to buildings should have a minimum illumination of

5 foot-candle

The term efficacy used in lighting design refers to a lamp's ______


The average outside turning radius of a passenger car is?


Incandescent lamps are generally not used for large scale lighting because the have...

poor efficacy and short life span

Setting a surveying transit over a given point requires a ______


Desirable standard for outdoor ramps in terms of comfort and safety of wheelchair users are a _______ minimum width with a ______ maximum slope.



Maximum desirable grade for a long distance bike path used by skilled and unskilled cyclists?


Bituminous concrete is manufactured from _______ and _____.

Aggregate and Bitumens

The major load carrying members on a deck are called?


In most "step formulae" the tread increases in depth and the riser ____ in hight?


A brick laid on its end so that its greatest dimension is vertical is called a ______.


Table height for wheelchair accessibility?


What is the proper way for a brick veneer to be attached to a concrete wall?

With wall ties - some mortar is also used but is not the primary anchoring device.

Positive Drainage

Draining away from buildings

____________ is recycled water that is free from contaminants. It is comprised ofwaste water from such household items as showers, bathroom sinks and washingmachines. Kitchen sinks and dishwashers contaminate the water with too manybiological contaminants to be considered ___________.


All proposed buildings on a grading plan should have spot elevations at ...

... every corner of the building and an elevation for every floor.

A ___________ is placed any time there is a stoppage in the pouring ofconcrete during construction. The purpose of the joint is to prevent movementbetween the two separate pours of concrete. One of the ways to do this is to usesmooth dowels which are attached to each section of concrete that is poured.

construction joint

_____________ are used to prevent cracking of the concrete in unwanted areas and do not involve dowels.

Contraction joints

_______________ are used between two pours of concrete, but involve a material that is placed between the two pours the entire depth of the slab.

Isolation Joints

Used to determine the maximum density of the soil?

Procter Test

What is the minimum allowable size of a landing in an accessible ramp thatchanges direction at the landing?

60" X 60"

What is the proper sequence of construction with regards to the grading of asite?

Protect vegetation, topsoil removal, erosion control, clearing and demo

Minimum Width of a one way ADA ramp?


Minimum width of a two ADA ramp?


Ramp should have a landing every ______ feet, minimum?


In wood deck construction the bottoms of the posts should always be at least _____ above grade to prevent failure from moisture problems.


Soils which aretransported by the wind.

Aolian (Sand Dunes)

Soils that have deposited at the base of hillslopes by either rainwash, sheetwash, slow continuous downslope creep, or a variable combination of these processes.

Colluvial Soils

A fine-grained fertile soil deposited by water flowing over flood plains or in river beds.

Alluvial Soil

A soil with a high content of expansive clay.


The actions taken to control erosion and sedimentation are intended to...

1. minimize the disturbance of a site

2. reduce the soil transport on a site

The symbol for a tree on a planting plan should be drawn at ___________ the sizeof the tree at maturity.

two thirds

What is porous cement made of?



Single Sized Aggregate

Anytime the clearance on an accessible walkway is less than _____, a barrier mustbe placed to prevent the visually impaired from harming themselves.


________ occurs when a wall begins to move forward because it does not have the proper footing to withstand the force of the soil.


__________ occurs when a wallbegins to rotate forward about the toe of the footing because it is not able to handlethe forces at the top of the wall.


The __________ of a wall is the result of improperconstruction techniques or materials.


_________, or settling occurs when there is an excessive amount of force applied to the toe of a footing in an attempt to overturnthe wall. It is the result of the soils beneath the footing being unable to handle the forces exerted.


When screwing two pieces of wood together with a wood screw, how far into thereceiving piece must the screw go?

2/3 the length of the screw

On any access ramp, a landing should be provided at least every ___________.


Which layer of soil contains the greatest amount of organic materials?

The A horizon is the horizon of soil with the most amount of organic material.The O horizon is organic matter above the A horizon, but is not considered to be soil.

At what frequency should a landing be provided on a set of stairs with a largegrade change in order to prevent fatigue?

every 9 to 11 risers

PIPING - the invert our should always be ______ than the invert in.


What is the minimum height a railing needs to be above the fl oor of a deck?


________ is a subgrade material that is suitable for direct placement of concrete.

Loam - its composition is about 40%-40%-20% concentration of sand-silt-clay, respectively.

It will not heave like clay.

It is not made up of organic material like topsoil.

At what point during the construction process are new plantings generallyinstalled?

After rough grading

Which surveying method is used to develop cadastral maps?

Plane Surveying

Cadastre is a technical term for a set of records showing the extent, value and ownership (or other basis for use or occupancy) of land.

_________ is used to describe the lands shape and boundary.

Metes and bounds

A _________ survey takes into account the curve of the earth’s surface,


________ is a method of measuring using lengths of chain.


What is the minimum turning radius that should be provided for a wheelchair?


What is used at the end of a culvert to protect the fl oor from eroding?


What is the best type of nail to use when framing a structure?

Sinker Nail

The best type of lighting for the purpose of color rendering is ______________.

incandescent lighting

What can be used to quicken the curing time of concrete in cold climates?


high early strength concrete

Drainage pipes should be located _______ the frost line.

Below (not at the frost line but below)

What is the maximum spacing allowed between two deck planks?


Overhead does not include _____________.

direct labor costs, profi t or materials.

Overhead includes all of the expenses that are necessary to run a business,but do not generate a profi t. This includes items such as __________.

payroll taxes, liability insurance, bad debt and interest accrued on loans.

In order to determine the compressive strength of concrete, what test should beperformed?

Schmidt hammer test

Too much salt will result in leaves that have _______.

Brown Tips

The twisting and distortion of leaves is the result of anapplication of too much __________.


Erik is planning on building a concrete seatwall with a brick veneer installed onone side of the wall. At what height should the bottom of the brick veneer begin?

Below finish grade

In order to prevent water from fl owing back into the water supply, irrigationsystems are fi tted with what device?

Dual check valve

The dead load of a deck is measured in:

Pound per square foot

The best way to satisfy the needs of the specific client are to write a _______ specification in which the brand name is identifi ed, thereby limiting the choicesof materials to use.


When it is necessary to compact clay soil on a site, the best machine for the jobis a _________.

sheepsfoot roller