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What is root word strategy?

identifying and discussing prefixes and suffixes to increase semantic understanding

What is Tier III of RTI?

Intensive theraputic interventions

Name 2 conversational deficits

difficulty maintaining a topic

Unable to ask for clarification to repair messages

What percentage of comprehension monitoring is necessary for classroom success at the high school level?


Four major areas of later literacy are:


Reading Comprehension



True or False: Standardized testing is NOT necessary for eligibility?


What is LLD?

language Learning Disability- students that have difficulty with various communication skills, which is negatively impacting their classroom sucess

What is IDEA part B?

The individuals with Disabilities Education Act Part B states how services are to be provided for individuals ages 3-21

What is one role of the SLP in RTI?

collaborating with teachers and education them on educational relevance

What is the purpose of an IEP?

1.) Documenting the students current level of functioning and performance

2.) Documents need for service and how needs will be met within the academic enviroment

What are 2 red flags and signs of LLD?

Late talker

Difficulty with higher level language skills

Use of high frequency short words is an example of a problem in what language area?


Difficulty with conversational fluency is an example of a problem in what area?


Name the spectrum of the discourse continuum




Define hidden curriculum?

unspoken set of rules, different contexts have different discourse structure rules

_________________________strategies are mediated by language.


How is literate language different from oral conversation?

It varies in the degree of contextualization

True or False: All kids with LD have language-based problems.


Difficulties with phonological awareness skills would include difficulty with what skills?

Segmenting words, manipulating sounds with words

Problems with vocabulary may be due to deficits in _____________?


What controls decision making, planning, self monitoring, self-judgment and self-reaction?

Executive functioning

IDEA mandates involvement from which individuals?

Family, teacher, SLP, and student

What are the areas of assessment in conversational pragmatics?

Communication intentions, modification of communication style, conversational discourse

When does code switching begin to emerge?

Single word level

What is meant by the term presupposition?

Information that must be understood within the sentence, in order to understand, however, it might not be directly stated within the utterance.