The Importance Of Language In Child Development

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Language is not only a form of communication it is a behaviour and attitude. It is a response to our influences, social contexts need and desires to form a sense of belonging and being among our peers, family, and professionals. From birth to 5 years, children will undergo a vast array of experiences to acquire language appropriate for the social Discourse of entering primary school. Within this context is the pivotal transition from home into an educational setting with peers and teaching professionals.
Language is a necessary milestone in a child’s development; invaluable for personal development, cognitive development, and academic achievement. The ability to communicate ideas is essential to expression, the cultivation of relationships and
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Working within a collaboration encourages cultural language and differences to be considered and respected in a holistic environment.
Language as Academic Success
Literacy milestones are quickly gained within the first 5 years of life, A child develops phonological awareness, alphabetic principles and fluent in reading, all before primary school. (Ray, K. and Smith M., 2010) For this reason there is an emphasis on early learning and language development.
A child who is unable to express themselves due to lack of understanding Discourse could be a concern for teachers and a sign of a potential learning disability. (Ray, K. and Smith M., 2010), Children may be able to express themselves orally but not understanding the meaning of the words can actually be detrimental to their confidence; their sense of belonging and

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