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Which of the following are NOT basic components of a metes-and-bounds description?

Degrees, minutes, and seconds

Tangible and intangible monuments

Points of beginning

When surveying land, a surveyor refers to the principal meridian that is

within the rectangular survey system area in which the land being surveyed is located.

How many acres are contained in the tract described as "beginning at the NW corner of the SW¼, then south along the west line to the SW corner of the section, then east along the south line of the section 2,640 feet, more or less, to the SE corner of the said SW¼, then in a straight line to the POB"?

80 acres

If a farm described as "the NW¼ of the SE¼ of Section 10, Township 2 North, Range 3 West of the 6th. P.M." sold for $4,500 an acre, what was the total sales price?


A parcel of land is 400 feet by 640 feet. The parcel is cut in half diagonally by a stream. How many acres are in each half of the parcel?


A man buys 4.5 acres of land for $78,400. An adjoining owner wants to purchase a strip of this land measuring 150 feet by 100 feet. What should this strip cost the adjoining owner if the owner sells it for the same price per square foot he originally paid for it?


As a legal description, "the northwest ¼ of the southwest ¼ of Section 6, Township 4 North, Range 7 West" is defective because it contains no reference to

a principal meridian.

What is the shortest distance between Section 1 and Section 36 in the same township?

Four miles

In describing real estate, the method that may use a property's physical features to determine boundaries and measurements is

metes and bounds.

A buyer purchased a half-acre parcel for $2.15 per square foot. What was the selling price of the parcel?


In any township, what is the number of the section designated as the school section?


The LEAST specific method for identifying real property is

street address.

A property contains 10 acres. How many lots of not less than 50 feet by 100 feet can be subdivided from the property if 26,000 square feet were dedicated for roads?


The N½ of the SW¼ of a section contains how many acres?


Which type of deed merely implies but does NOT specifically warrant that the grantor holds good title to the property?

Bargain and sale

A deed states that the grantors are conveying all their rights and interests to the grantees to have and to hold. This is communicated in the

acknowledgment clause.

A person who has died without a valid will has died


The grantee receives greatest protection with what type of deed?

General warranty

A woman bought acreage in a distant county, never went to see the acreage, and did not use the ground. A man moved his mobile home onto the land, had a water well drilled, and lived there for 22 years. The man may become the owner of the land if he has complied with the state law regarding

adverse possession.

Title to real estate can be transferred upon death by what type of document?


Every deed must be signed by the


P signed a deed transferring ownership of P's house to Q. To provide evidence that P's signature was genuine, P executed a declaration before a notary. This declaration is known as an


Party Y receives a deed from party X. The granting clause of the deed states, "I hereby remise, release, alienate, and convey to Y the following real property." What type of deed has Y received?

Special warranty

A deed contains a guarantee that the grantor will compensate the grantee for any loss resulting from the title's failure in the future. This is an example of which covenant?

Warranty forever

Title to real estate may be transferred during a person's lifetime by

involuntary alienation.

Generally, where does a probate proceeding involving real property take place?

In both the county where the decedent resided and the county in which the property is located

A deed contains a promise that the title conveyed is good and a promise to obtain and deliver any documents necessary to ensure good title. This deed contains an example of which covenant?

Further assurances

A form authorizing one person to execute documents for another is called a

power of attorney.

An owner of real estate was declared legally incompetent and was committed to a state mental institution. While institutionalized, the owner wrote and executed a will. The owner died while still institutionalized and was survived by a spouse and three children. The real estate will pass

according to the state laws of descent.

Step 1: A decided to convey a house to B.Step 2: A signed a deed transferring title to B.Step 3: A gave the signed deed to B, who accepted it.Step 4: B took the deed to the county recorder's office and had it recorded.At which step did title to the house actually transfer or pass to B?

Step 3

Under the covenant of quiet enjoyment, grantors

ensure that the title will be good against the title claims of third parties.

The basic requirements for a valid conveyance are governed by

state law.

A 15-year-old boy recently inherited many parcels of real estate from his late father and has decided to sell one of them. If the boy enters into a deed conveying his interest in the property to a purchaser, such a conveyance would be


Eminent domain and escheat are two examples of

involuntary alienation.