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The two divisions of the adominopelvic cavity
1) abdominal cavity
2) pelvic cavity
The adominopelvic cavity extends from the _____________ to the floor of the __________
The larger and upper division of the digestive system (abdominopelvic cavity)
abdominal cavity
Abdominal cavity is bound by the abdominal wall and the ________
lumbar vertebrae
The smaller and lower division of the digestive system (abdominopelvic cavity)
pelvic cavity
This cavity houses the organs of the _______ & _________ systems
urinary and reproductive systems
Pelvic cavity is bound by the bones of the ______ & ________
pelvis and sacrum
1. Oral cavity extends from _____ (lips) to the end of the ___________
labia to the end of the soft palate
2. Oral cavity extends from the _______ to the hard palate
3. Oral cavity extends from _____ to _____
cheek to cheek
Oral cavity lines by what _____ membrane that specialized to produce saliva
mucous membrane
3 pairs of salivary glands (that produce saliva)
1) parotid
3) sublingual
All salivary glands are connected to the oral cavity by ________
exocrine ducts
What pushes food and drink into the oropharynyx?
the tongue
The tongue pushes food into the _______
Elevating the ____ causes the epiglottis to close over the opening to the larynx and push food through the __________ and into the _________


The esophagus has _________ the propel food to the stomach
peristaltic contractions
The abdominopelvic cavity is subdivided into the 2 divisions at the ________
pelvic brim (inlet)
Abdominal cavity houses the
peritoneal cavity (coelom)
This is a fluid filled cavity surrounding the digestive viscera
peritoneal cavity (coelom)
All of the digestive viscera begin life in the embryo suspended within....
This gives organs a connection to the posterior wall of the abdomen
This holds organs in place and transmits blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and nerves to the abdominal cavity?
A Serous membrane and covers the digestive organs
visceral peritoneum
A membrane that lines the peritoneal cavity
parietal peritoneum
The two membranes that secrete the fluid that eliminates friction occurring between the digestive viscera and abdominal walls
Visceral peritoneum
Parietal peritoneum
Esophagus opens to the stomach at the
Superior to the cardia is the rounded roof of the stomach called
These two parts of the stomach tapers toward the small intestine
body and the pylorus
The strong muscle of the stomach that gates the entrance to the duoderum of the small intestine
pyloric sphincter
Pyloric sphincter gates the enterance to the
duodenum of the small intestine
Mucosa form large folds inside the stomach that flatten as the stomach expands with food called
A large fatty fold of peritoneal membrane that hangs from the greater curvature of the stomach
greater omentum
Greater omentum is a large fatty fold of ________ membrane that hangs form the _________ of the stomach
peritoneal membrane

greater curvature