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Removal of PPE

1. Gloves

2. Gown

3. Goggles

4. Mask

Airborne precautions

Protect against droplet infections smaller than 5 mcg (measles, varicella, pulmonary/laryngeal TB)

Precautions require:

1. Private room

2. Mask + resp. Protection device

Droplet precautions

Protect against droplets larger than 5 mcg and teavel 3-6ft frlm the client ( strept pharyngitis/ phemonia, meeogicocal pneumona, sepsis pneumonic plague)

Precautions require:

1. Private room/ with pt w/ same infection

2. Mask

Contact precautions

Protects against client and environmental infections, w/ in 3 ft of client ( respitory syncytical virus, shigella, enteric disease caused by microorganisms, wound infect., herpes simplex, impetigo, multidrug resistant organisms.

Precaution requirement:

1. Private room/ w/ pt w/ same infect

2. Gloves + gown

3. Disposal of infected materials into biohazard bag.

Clear liquid diet

Clear liq with little residue

Clear fruit juice, gelatin, broth

Full liquid diet

Clear liq + liq dairy products, all juices, pureed veg.


Clear + full liq, and pured meats, fruits, scrambled eggs

Mechanical soft

Clear + full liq, and diced or ground foods

Soft/ low-residue

Foods low in fiber and easy to digest

High fiber

Whole grains, raw + dried fruits

Low sodium

No added salt, 1-2 g NA

Low cholestrol

No more than 300 mg/day of dietary cholestrol

Diabetic diet

Balanced intake of protien, fats, + cabohydrates of aboit 1800 calories

Dysphagia diet

Purees food + thickened liquids

Pulse ox locations

Ear lobe probe, bridge of nose, disposable sensor for palm of hand and infants foot

Nasal canula

Delivers 24-44%, flow rate 1-6 L/min

Simple face mask

Delivers 40-60%, flowrate 5-8 L/min

Partial rebreather

Delivers 40-70%, flowrate 6-10 L/min


60-100%, flowrate 10-15 L/min

Venturi mask

Delivers 24-60%, flowrate 4-12 L/min


Rescue, alarm, contain/confine, extinguish


Pull pin

Aim at base of fire

Squeez handel

Sweep from side to side