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What is the purpose of innoculated loop

To transfer microorganisms

What is the purpose of streak plate

The isolate colonies

What is a colony

The progeny of an original organism

When do you sterilize the loop

Before, in between, and after

What happens when a sector line is unintentionally crossed?

Contamination occurs

What is aseptic technique

To prevent contamination

What was the balloon used for in the experiment

To demonstrate CO2 production due to yeast fermentation

What is the lead acetate paper used for in the fermentation experiment

To show if any H2S was produced (prefer alcohol to be produced)

How should the petri dish be placed in the incubator

Agar side up (lid on bottom) to prevent condensation

What is antiseptic

Cleanser for the skin

Disinfectant is used for

Inanimate object cleanser

Antibiotics are used for

Cleansing of the microorganisms in the body

What is the kirby method

Stamps of antiobiotics with dots on the agar

What is the zone of inhibition

The area with no bacterial growth

What is susceptibility

Sensitivity to antibiotics

What is resistance

Non-sensitivity to antibiotics... the willingness to grow in the presence of antibiotics

What color is E.coli


What color is staph


What color is serratia

Reddish aka prodigynose?

What are mesophiles

Warm temp loving organism

What are psycophiles

Cold loving organism

What are thermophiles

Hot loving organisms

What color do gram positives stain


What color do gram negatives stain