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TOU; ut(su)
chastise; attack; defeat; destroy; conquer

“ATTACK and CHASTISE with measured words.”
party; faction; clique

“Elder brother’s FACTION meets under ornate roof.”
brain; memory

“Body’s BRAIN-box marked by crosshairs.”
JO; JI; nozo(ku)
exclude; division (x/3); remove; abolish; cancel; except

“We should CANCEL our plans to REMOVE that hill
—it’s not very feasible.”
CHO; CHAKU; arawa(su); ichijiru(shii)
renowned; publish; write; remarkable; phenomenal; put on; don; wear; arrival; finish (race); counter for suits of clothing; literary work

“The person buried under this grass is a WRITER who
JUU; SHOU; JU; shitaga(u); shitaga(eru)
accompany; obey; submit to; comply; follow; secondary; incidental; subordinate

“Go over there and SUBMIT to the eight feet.”
SOU; mado
window; pane

“Nose makes hole in WINDOW, left feeling down.”
YOKU; ho(ssuru); ho(shii)
longing; covetousness; greed; passion; desire; craving

“GREEDY person lacks a valley so he DESIRES one.”
ZEN; yo(i); i(i); yo(ku)
virtuous; good; goodness
masses; great numbers; multitude; populace
SHUU; JU; tsu(ku); tsu(keru)
concerning; settle; take position; depart; study; per

“CONCERNING the issue of crippled dogs in the capital…”
SUI; o(su)
conjecture; infer; guess; suppose; support

“I’m GUESSing that guy has a bird in his hand,
but it’s just CONJECTURE.”
part of speech; words; poetry

“All WORDS are governed by the PARTS OF SPEECH so
they fit together like POETRY.”
SAI; ZAI; su(masu); su(mu); -zu(mi); su(manai);
finish; come to an end; excusable; need not

“I finally FINISHED my text about the water and the moon.”
SAI; ta(tsu); saba(ku)
tailor; judge; decision; cut out (pattern)

“JUDGE DECIDED to cut 20 pieces of cloth
with fancy halberd.”
range; region; limits; stage; level

“Lance in the ground at the sole entrance indicates
an AREA that’s off-LIMITS.”
KIN; suji
muscle; sinew; tendon; fiber; plot; plan; descent

“MUSCLE and SINEW power bones of bamboo.”
ROU; hoga(raka); aki(raka)
melodious; clear; bright; serene; cheerful

“Be CHEERFUL—it was a good and MELODIOUS month.”
KI; tatto(i); touto(i); tatto(bu)
precious; value; prize; esteem; honor

“One PRECIOUS shell in the middle of my PRIZED collection.”
TAN; sagu(ru); saga(su)
grope; search; look for
HI; hi(meru); hiso(ka)
secret; conceal

“The rice plants are necessarily kept SECRET.”
KATSU; wa(ru); wari; wa(ri); wa(reru); sa(ku)
proportion; comparatively; divide; cut; separate; split

“PROPORTIONAL cuts do COMPARITVELY little harm.”
haiku; actor

“A HAIKU-ACTOR is unlike any other person.”
mail; stagecoach stop

“MAIL in village left dangling at the STAGECOACH STOP.”
HOU; otozu(reru); tazu(neru)
call on; visit; look up; offer sympathy

“VISIT words on the side.”
CHI; ne; atai
price; cost; value

“I’m the person who fixes the PRICE.”
SAN; TEN; kaiko; ko

“The SILKWORM is a heavenly bug”
SHIN; hari
needle; pin; staple; stinger

“A NEEDLE mde of metal is ten times sharper”
SHA; su(teru)
discard; throw away; abandon; resign; reject; sacrifice

“I found a DISCARDED hand ABANDONED in the quarters.”
inspection; regard as; see; look at

“REGARD the alter and INSPECT it with a careful eye.”
SHA; i(ru); sa(su)
shoot; shine into; onto; archery

“It takes the measured hand of ARCHERY
to SHOOT an arrow into flesh.”
SOU; haji(meru)
genesis; wound; injury; hurt; start; originate

“They took him to a WAREHOUSE and BEGAN
to inflict WOUNDs with a sword. ”
SEI; JOU; mo(ru); saka(ru); saka(n)
boom; prosper; copulate

“During the PROSPEROUS time of the BOOM,
these plates became valuable.”
YAKU; wake
translate; reason; circumstance; case

“In this CIRCUMSTANCE, there’s good REASON
to TRANSLATE with measured words”
secrecy; density (pop); minuteness; carefulness

“I’m certain he was crowned, CAREFULLY and in SECRECY,
on the mountain, away from the population DENSITY.”
unfold; display; expand

“I have 21 UNFOLDED pieces of clothing on
DISPLAY beneath the door.”
HEI; to(jiru); to(zasu)
closed; shut

“The gate is CLOSED to you until you reach a certain age.”
SHOU; hata
leader; commander; general; admiral; or; and again; soon; from now on; just about

“COMMANDER reaches for bar of ice with both hands. ”
CHOU; itada(ku); itadaki
place on the head; receive; top of head; top; summit; peak

“The girl with the t-shaped head is always ready to
genuine; purity; innocence; net (profit)

“PURE threads look like strange hair.”
the following; next

“Use your wings to fly to the NEXT stand.”
NOU; NA; TOU; osa(meru/maru)
settlement; obtain; reap; pay; supply; store

“Maybe we can reach a SETTLEMENT inside the STORE
with a SUPPLY of thread.”
scheme; plan; policy; step; means

“I have a SCHEME to prop up the droopy
branches with bamboo.”
home town; village; native place; district

“In my HOME TOWN, they serve food in short threads.”
KEI; KYOU; uyama(u)
awe; respect; honor; revere

“I am struck with AWE at the way you planted that phrase. ”
I; koto; koto(naru)
uncommon; queerness; strangeness; wonderful; curious; unusual

“It was UNCOMMON, and very CURIOUS to find
them together in the field.”
KIN; GON; tsuto(meru/maru)
diligence; become employed; serve

grow plants from seed box. ”
highness; steps (of throne)

“There’s no comparing the earth of my village to
the HIGHNESS of the throne.”
KI; furu(u)
brandish; wave; wag; swing; shake

“With his hand he WAVED and BRANDISHED
before the other army.”
squad; corps; unit; grou

“Our SQUAD is an elite UNIT that keeps two
kings separated by a sword.”
bequeath; leave behind; reserve

“I LEFT BEHIND one shell to BEQUEATH, then left. ”
tower; tall building; palace

“Every PALACE and every TOWER has a gate.”
simplicity; brevity

“It was a BRIEF interval, so I marked the time with
SIMPLICITY, using bamboo.”
GI; utaga(u)
doubt; distrust; be suspicious; question

“Ma, I’m SUSPICIOUS because all seven head of
animals have arrows in them.”
constitution; law

“A CONSTITUTION covers all one sees and feels
in life with the force of LAW.”
cereals; grain

“Samurai collects rice plants under cover to put
CEREAL on the table again.”
document; records

“It is my intention to DOCUMENT your words in my records”
magnet; porcelain

“The MAGNETic stone pulls on eight short threads
hanging from a PORCELAINbar ”
JU; ki
timber trees; wood

“The samurai use beans to MEASURE the
JUU; tate
vertical; length; height; self-indulgent; wayward

“VERTICAL threads obey the law of gravity,
regardless of their length.”
SHOU; sawa(ru)
hinder; hurt; harm

“If you wear that badge in the village,
you’ll be HINDERED or HURT.”
JOU; SEI; mu(su); mu(reru); mu(rasu)
steam; heat; sultry; foment; get musty

“I heard that the HEAT of a single fire burned up the grass in
a burst of STEAM. ”
SOU; SHOU; yosoo(u/i)
attire; dress; pretend; disguise; profess

“A samurai’s battle ATTIRE includes special
one-sided archer’s sleeve. ”
TSUU; ita(i); ita(mu); ita(mashii); ita(meru)
pain; hurt; damage; bruise

“The PAIN of sickness passes right through you.”

“In Tang China, they liked to eat their rice with some SUGAR.”
NAN; kata(i); muzuka(shii); -niku(i)
difficult; impossible; trouble; accident; defect

“It would be DIFFICULT if not IMPOSSIBLE for birds
to live in China without water.”
FUKU; hara
abdomen; belly; stomach

“Person strikes the flesh of the ABDOMEN during the day.”
FUN; furu(u)
stirred up; be invigorated; flourish

“It was INVIGORATING to see the six birds in
the field got STIRRED UP”
HO; ogina(u)
supplement; supply; make good; offset; compensate; assistant; learner

clothes and 21 pieces of meat. ”
BO; ku(reru); ku(rasu)
livelihood; make a living; spend time

“Once upon a time, a man could MAKE A LIVING
in springtime.”
rod; stick; cane; pole; club; line

“Those 2 big STICKS are just big wooden POLES with
2 nails through them. ”
MAKU; BAKU, tobari
curtain; bunting; act of play

“Once upon a time, AN ACTO OF A PLAY was performed
behind a big curtain.”
alliance; oath

“The OATH of ALLIANCE is engraved on this bright plate. ”
RAN; mi(ru)
perusal; see

“The retainer PERUSES the one person he SEES.”
RI; ura
back; amidst; in; reverse; inside; palm; sole; rear; lining; wrong side

“My clothes had the LINING in REVERSE, on the
WRONG SIDE, so I threw them in the BACK of the car"
fare; fee; hire; rent; wages; charge

“The FEE for one person is a fresh clam.”
KOU; hagane

“The anchor under that metal casing is made of STEEL ”
SHOU; kizu; ita(mu/meru)
wound; hurt; injure; impair; pain; injury; cut; gash; scar; weak point

“It’s easy for one person to WOUND or INJURE another.”
SHO; moro
various; many; several; together

“There are VARIOUS words you can use for that person.”
signature; govt office; police station

“A GOVT OFFICE keeps an eye on people
and their SIGNATURES.”
JUKU; u(reru)
mellow; ripen; mature; acquire skill

“If you put a lid over the mouth of the round pot containing
the child, the flavor will MELLOW and RIPEN over the fire.”
nativity; be born; declension; lie; be arbitrary

“I say, stop striding forward long enough to BE BORN. ”
search; imitate; copy

“Just IMITATE the kanji for China with a
hand instead of water.”
nightfall; night

“When the sun is dismissed, it’s NIGHTFALL.”
GEKI; hage(shii)
violent; get excited; enraged; chafe; incite

“Strike water in a VIOLENT way INCITES a white froth.”
DAN; atata(ka/kai); atata(maru/meru), no(ren)

“Three hands WARMing in the sun.”
argument; discourse

“Ron and I had words—we ARGUED over one of the
books under the roof.”
SEI; makoto
sincerity; admonish; warn; prohibit; truth; fidelity

“My halberd is a WARNING that my words have SINCERITY.”
CHOU; shio; ushio
tide; salt water; opportunity

“The SALTWATER TIDE comes in under the morning moon.”
SEI; SHOU; hijiri
holy; saint; sage; master; priest

“Listen to what comes from the mouth of the
living HOLY man.”
NIN; mito(meru); shitata(meru)
acknowledge; witness; discern; recognize; appreciate; believe

“My words ACKNOWLEDGE a single sword in the heart.”
SON; tatto(i); touto(i); tatto(bu)
revered; valuable; precious; noble; exalted

“The merchant sells an item that is REVERED
and PRECIOUS beyond measure.”
stratum; social class; layer; story; floor

“Eight sunny fields were the doorway to
another SOCIAL CLASS.”
ZOU; kura
storehouse; hide; own; have; possess

“Retainer uses halberd from the STOREHOUSE
to cut the grass.”
GO; ayama(ru); -ayama(ru)
mistake; err; do wrong; mislead

“It was a MISTAKE to give a Chinese box with six corners.”
SOU; misao; ayatsu(ru)
maneuver; manipulate; operate; steer; chastity; virginity; fidelity

“Use hand to MANEUVER tree into three openings. ”
GEN; minamoto
source; origin

“Water is the ORIGIN of all things. ”
authority; power; rights
KEN; kinu

“Spin a SILK thread from an opening in the moon.”
drama; play

“In the PLAY, the tiger DRAMATICALLY
cut the pig with a sword.”