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This is where a point of law has never been decided before.
Original Precedent
This is a court which hears cases from the commonwealth
Privy Council
This means other things said
Obiter dicta
This is where a higher court or court of the same level has made a decision which must be followed
Binding Precedent
These were countries formerly controlled by us. E.g. Australia, New zealand
Where a case has been decided by number of judges, the judge who disagrees gives his own judgement.
Dissenting judgment
This is the legal reasons for the past decisions
Ratio decidendi
This is a principle which a judge may agree with and follow.
Persuasive precedent
These are courts in which you can start a case in .e.g Magistrates’ Court or the Crown Court.
Courts of First Instance
It is not possible to start a case in these courts. E.g. Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.
Appellate courts