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africa. 17th cent when slaves brought to americal, brought music and dance. dancing and drumming. hand clapping, stomping, dances used for entertainment and competition.
minstrel shows of 1830s
songs and dances of africans were showcased. blacks not allowed to perform on public stage. vaudeville, revue and burlesque shows dominated stage for next 20 years
originated from plantation entertainments. dancers displayed best structs, high kicks, fancy footwork.
vaudeville shows
at least one song and dance act or minimusical revue on bill. valued uniqueness and diversity.
latin jazz music and dance
19 cent. fusion of african rhythms/traditional music from caribbean and us. latin jazz dance- grounded in african rhythms-- polyrhythmic-- several layers of rhythm going on
instrument comprised of two wooden sticks to produce high pitched sound
harlem renaissance
harlem hy. many exclusive clubs-- cotton club. elaborate floor shows where black singers and dancers performed. employment for blacks. "the roaring twnties"-- charleston and black bottom=popular
jazz in nighclubs, theatre, musicals, concerts. tv-- lawrence welk, ed sullivan. fred astaire, gene kelly
musixal theatre dance, tap lyrical, funk, hip hop, swing. sensual, visceral, hot
syncopated rhythms, use of plie, individua style, improvisational feel, varying dynamics, sensual, presentational, body isolations, high kicks, turns, parallel or turned out, directions, shapes, energy
musical theatre
18 cent. england, france, gramany. ancient greece rome.
american musical theatre-- first production
black crook by david costa. first piece to use dance to move through storyline.
first black musical
shuffle along by eubie blake
agnes demille
chreog. oklahoma. dream ballet added to storyline but dreamtic work uno itself
jack cole
father of jazz dance. trained with ruth st denis and ted shawn. eastern dance styles. jazz-ethnic-ballet that is still dominant look of today musical.
ex of musical theatre prod
west side story- jerome robbins. chicago bob fosse. a chorus line michael bennet revived in 06. movin out twyla thary.
tap dance
rhythmic sounds are produced by moving feet. shuffle flap step cramp roll improv.
origin of tap dance
blending of irish jig, english clog, negro shuffle. dominated vaudeville stage 1800s.
style of tap- hoofers
display intricate footwork. gregory hines, saion glover.
style of tap- class acts
refined steps with elegant bod movements. fred astaire and ginger rogers
style of tap- flash acts
tap with acrobatic movements. nicholas brothers
style of tap- soft shoe
movements skim the floor produce soft muted steps. george primrose
african american tap dancer- bill bojangles robinson
first to populaize tap. first to have employ in mostly white theatres
african american tap dancer- sammy davis jr.
combined dance talents with sings and act.
tap in musical theatre, movies vids
poplular by fred astaire and ginger rogers. tap/ballroom routines. top hat=musical
gene kelly
known for athletic singing in the rain.
gregory hines
white nights
paula abdul
uses tap in music videos
savion glover
bring in da noise, bring in da funk. mixes tap/hiphop/break dancing