The Jazz Age

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Jazz has been around for many years. The jazz age didn’t come around until the 1920’s. Jazz originated in New Orleans in the early 1900’s known as the “New Orleans sound”. Jazz influenced many aspects of society. The jazz era was a period of economic prosperity, cultural flowering, and the shaking up of social morals.
The 1920’s marked the beginning of a new decade for jazz music, also known as the Roaring twenties. Jazz is mostly distinguished by its improvisation and its rhythmic urgency. The jazz age was post World War 1 movement. The year of 1920 is known to be the Jazz Age where it was actually boomed into the music industry. Jazz music also became the way to eradicate the racial issues between white and black musicians. Jazz is a mesh
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Some of the most popular dances at this time were: The fox trot, The Charleston, and The cake walk. The fox trot is a formal dance that includes slow walking steps and quick running steps. The Charleston originated in the Broadway show running' Wild and became one of the most popular hits of the decade. The Cake walk was a dance developed from the "Prize Walks" held in the late 19th century, generally at get-togethers on slave plantations. Jazz has a very unique sound to it which is what made it different from everything else. Some of the most popular instruments that are used in jazz are Saxophones, Trumpets, Trombones, Bass, Drums, and …show more content…
A sound so unique that brought change to the entire country. Jazz allowed people to freely express themselves through music and dance. Although elders thought it was wrong the younger generation didn’t seem to mind. Much so like today’s generation. Jazz to me is very unique, because other than allowing people to express themselves freely it played a large role. Being able to create change with the power of music is just so inspiring to me. I find it to be inspiring, because people were actually having fun and getting along well with each other they could care less of being judged they just wanted to have fun. People were having the time of their lives during this period in time. Despite the fact that segregation was a big issue that was going on through this time, they still somehow managed to enjoy life as it is and just have fun with no worries. Which is something that isn’t very common in today’s modern world. Since people are always judging one another and fighting one another. There’s no more partying like back then, or actually having a conversation with someone at a party. Or even going to a club to dance. Now a day’s people at clubs just stand around drinking looking at each other, but don’t dance. What happened to the days were people would actually go to a club to dance and have fun. The world doesn’t seem to get along like they would during this era despite the racial differences.

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