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National economic policies designed to restrict free trade and protect domestic industries from foreign competition
A tax imposed on imported products, effectively increasing the cost of acquistition for the customer
A government policy, regulation, or procedure that impedes trade through means other than explicit tariffs
Nontariff trade barrier
checkpoints at the ports of entry in each country where government officials inspect imported products and levy tariff
A quantitative restriction placed on imports of a specific product over a specified period of time
A government measure intended to manage or prevent the export of certain products or trade with certain countries
Export control
taxes on products exported by their own companies
export tariffs
a tax levied on imported products
import tarriffs
tarriff assessed as a percentage of the value of the imported product
ad valorem
a flat fee or fixed amount per unit of the imported product
specific tariff
intended to raise money for the government
revenue tariff
aims to protect domestic industires from foreign competition
protective tariff
tariff so high that no one can import any of the items
prohibitive tariff
government authorization granted to a firm for imporation of a product
import license
restrictions on the outflow of hard currency from a country, or the inflow foreign currencies
Curreny control
Monetary or other resources a government grants to a firm or group of firms, usually intended to ensure their survival by facilitating the production and marketing of productss at reduced prices or to encourage exports
A duty imposed on products imported into a country to offset subsidies given to producers or exporters in the exporting country
Countervailing duty
Pricing exported products at less than their normal value, generally for less than their price in the domestic or third country markets, or at less than production cost.
a tax imposed on products deemed to be dumped and causing injury to producers of competing products in the importing country
antidumping duty
Transfer payment or tax concession made directly to foreign firms to entice them to invest in the country
Investment incentive