Protectionism In The United States

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Protectionism is when the government tries to limit, or prevent goods being shipped in from other nations.Protectionism can be put in place through many different ways, the first being tariffs which taxes anybody who exports their goods into the nation that believes in protectionism. There are also many ways in which government implements protectionism without taxes or tariffs. One way that they do this is by enforcing quotas which reduces or puts a limit on the number of goods in which a nation will import.Another way in which the government enacts protectionism is by putting subsidies in place for domestic producers to help them, through tax breaks, or giving them money to increase their productivity. Currency control is also used to limit …show more content…
The United States already relies on places such as China for way to many products as it is because they can make it cheaper and quicker then we can in the US. If the US and China were to go to war with one another many products that we import from China will become very scarce or limited in quantity, and this will cause many products to become very expensive when we could have just kept the products domesticly made and not have to worry about an issue like this occuring.I believe the US should be more independent when it comes to trade because if you rely on everyone else to produce goods for you, once you lose them as an ally or trade partner then you put the whole country and economy at risk. I believe that the government should give business subsidies that will discourage outsourcing, because to many americans are lossing jobs because these companies realize how much money they can save by outsourcing a division, or part of their company overseas. I am not against free trade however when people in this country are losing jobs to people overseas their is a problem with the scale and amount that the US relies on this free trade.I think trading should leave all parties involved better off but when the U.S leaves with massive amounts of debt, and thousands of people being laid off from outsourcing …show more content…
The US is interested in the deal so it can be more involved in trade and not let China have more power then they do in the global trading market. The TPP is so controvesial because the terms of the agreement weren 't disclosed at first and once they were they weren 't exactly what was expected of them to be.It is also controvesial because some econmists say that the United States economy will grow by about half a percent while others say that it will hurt the economy by half a percent.According to another problem that has been brought up with it is allowing pharmacutical companies to hold longer patents and control the prices of their medicine. Internet usage will also be monitored in a way that will allow the government to see what you are doing at all times.I think that congress shouldn 't pass the TPP because their is to much uncertanity.According to the TPP will help increase the amount of exports that we send overseas which will help our economy,and many consumer goods will become cheaper since they will be imported for the cheapest price possible(Bradsher and Pollack, 2015) however it doesn 't tell you that

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