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Acute pericarditis is diagnosed by?
--pleuritic chest pain
--friction rub
--diffuse concordant st-segment elevation on ECG often with depression of PR segment
widening of the mediastinum on CXR
acute aortic dissection
pain radiating to shoulder or arms
What causes pain to radiate to the top of the shoulder
preferred treatment for STEMI
difficult to localize, but classically substernal CP related to exercise and relief with rest or NG.
ischemic heart disease
Pain worse when the patient is supine
First intervention in right sided MI
NS infusion
Normal presentation of right sided MI?
Hypotension, clear lung fields, elevated CVP and right sided EKG ST elevations
Treatment algorithm for right sided MI
-- 1 L NS
-- Dobutamine
Pain that radiates to the back, neck, jaw or arms
Could be GERD
Time scale?
Minutes to hours and resolves spontaneously
What is a common cause of 3rd degree AV block?
Lyme disease
Which AV block typically progresses to complete block?
2nd degree Mobitz type II AV Block