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What are the classws of immunotherapy agents?
Immunoactivatiin, immunosupresion, vaccines and antibodies
What are immune restoration drugs used for?
Used for chemo-induced or drug-induced leukopenias.
With which drugs must you monito the WBC count?
ticlopidine, clozapine, propylthiouracil and chloramphenicol
What is filgrastim? And what is its most common FX?
G-CSF; bone pain
Which form of G-CSF allow for 1 dose per chemo cycle and which needs 14 dails doses?
pegylated-- 1 dose
nonpegy-- 14
What is sargrmostim and whats its most common FX?
GM-CSF; bone pain and flu-like syndrome
Which agent is abused in long distance sports?
What drug is used for treating anemias < 28 Hct?
What sidw effects does EPO have?
blood thickens -- clotting, strokes and MI
Which agent are selective and don't inhibit the bone marrow?
cyclosporine, sirolimus and tacrilimus
What agent inhibits arachidonic acid formation?
How are glucocortioids classified?
non-selective and anti-proliferative
How does cyclosporin function?
IL2 inhibition

cyclosporin + cyclophylin --> bind calcineurn and inhibit NFAT
Describe tacrolimus' MOA.
Binds FK protein and inhibits calcineurin.
Inhibits IL2
Describe sirolimus' MOA.
Binds FK and block IL2 receptor.

also inhibits mTOR and locks cell in G1 phase
Which of the immune selectice agents have synergy together?
sirolimus and cyclosporine
Which if the selective agents is the least nephrotoxic?
Kidney transplant pt taking cyclosporine, glucocortcoids amd basiliximab to prevent rejection, but inflammation continues 2 months later. What do you do?
lower cyclosporine and add sirolimus (not as nephrotoxic).
What are cytokine inhibitors?
Monoclonal antibodies that directly inhibit cytokines/receptors.
What are the contraindications for vaccines?
Anaphylactic rxn to previous administration, live vaccines in immunocompromised pts, current disease.
What is the TDap vaccine for and when do yoj give it?
tetanus, diohteria and pertussis
2, 4, 6, 15 months and 4 years
What is the MMR vaccine for and when do you give it?
measles, mumps and rubella
12 months, 4 years
Whe n do u give the varicella zoster vaccine?
12 mo. and 2 for teens
at birth, 1 month, 6-9 months
What is the PCV vaccine for?
strep. pneumo
2, 4, 6, 12 months
When do you give the influenza shot?
once a year beginning at 6 mo.
What shot do you need to give 12 y/o?
TDaP, meningococcal, HPV
What types of flu vaccines are there?
Quadrivalent inactivated and live-attenuated/trivalent (not for low immune pts)
Which vaccine has a booster shot every 10 years?
What shot is recommended for pts > 50 yrs?
Herpes zoster
HPV vaccine is against which strains? Ages?
6, 11, 16, 18

as early as 9 yrs ; recommended is 11-26 yrs