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If you accidentally close a taskpane choose what to open it again?
View>Task Pane
Title slides can contain what?
Title and subtitle tex boxes
How do you zoom when in print preview?
clicking the mouse
What does the Standard Toolbar contain?
Save, Open, and print buttons among others.
What are you able to do in Slide Sorter view?
click and drag slides to reorder them.
How do you print full-sized copies of the slides in a presentation?
Choose slides under Print what in the Print Dialog Box.
What does it mean to promote?
move bulleted text to a subtitle.
What would you use to show an illustration of the structure of a company?
A diagram
HOw do you add Clip art to a slide?
Choose Insert>Picture>Clip Art
How do you change a chart's type after adding a chart to a slide?
Chart>Chart Type
What contains autoshapes?
The Drawing toolbar
What is the reviewing toolbar used for?
to accept or reject each change made to your presentation.
What is one part of a presentation's color scheme?
Background color
How do you select a Paragragh?
Triple click it
How do you change the inside color of a graphic?
change the fill color
You may add texture or pattern to an object in the ___________
fill effects dialog box
How do you apply a sound transistion?
Use the Slide Transistion task pane
If you wanted to have items in a slide’s bulleted list appear on-screen one at a time, use what?
the Slide Show>Animation Schemes command.
Use the View>Gird and Guides command to
display grid and guides lines, while preparing a presentation.
To print each slide along with its notes, do what?
open the Print what drop-down arrow in the Print dialog box and click Notes Pages.
Click pen in the Slide Show toolbar, to what?
view a submenu which includes, arrow, ballpoint pen, felt tip pen, highlighter, and other options.
Rich Text Format is used to do what?
to save a presentation so that you can open it in Microsoft Word.
what are options under Print What in the Print dialog box?
Notes Pages, outline view, and handouts
The Slide Sorter view appears to have _____________
four squares on it
How do you create a Custom slide show?
Choose Slide Show>Custom Show
How do you accesss a screen tip?
put mouse over it
When you open powerpoit what view is your screen in?
Normal View
What is the command used to set up a show?
Slide Show>Set up Show
What does the status bar show>?
what slide is displayed
the slide pane at the left of the dcreen shows?
a miniautre version of the screen.
How do you place text on a slide?
click the mouse to position the insertion point.
Where are templates found?
new presentation task pane
How do you open the outlining toolbar?
what is the best situation to use a diagram?
show structure of a company
how do you move from cell to cell in a table
arrows and tabs
if you accidentally erase info in an organization chart how do you get it back?
ctrl + Z
what do you need in order to create a chart or table
a data sheet
How do you access slide design templates
format>slide design
how do you divide your info into short clear sections?
make bulleted list
what does animation do?
make things move or have design
how do you edit a master slide?
view>master>slide master
web page preview?
see your page on the web
how do you select slides
ctrl + slide
how do you see available slide designs?
format>slide design.