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The centuries after the fall of Rome in 476
the middle ages
what 3 interwoven traditions produce the culture of the west during the middle ages


Barbarians allowed to settle on the borders of Rome, in exchange for protection.
Germanic tribes alliance with rome
Which laws were orally passed down?
Germanic laws
were responsible for applying the germanic law
Guilt or innocence might be determined by ordeals involving ------ or --------, reflecting the faith in nature deities.
water, fire
saw the forced conversion of Saxons, Lombards, and Slavics
Holy Wars
Crowned emperor by Pope Leo III in 800 CE, establishing connection b/w church and state. “The Holy Roman Empire”
Charlemagne strongly encouraged what
he strongly encouraged literacy, learning, and education.
What happened in result of Charlemagne's death
The empire was soon shattered by Scandinavian Vikings
Where was Charlemagne buried
Cathedral at Aachen
Involved the exchange of land for military protection in the unstable social conditions
in feudal society, land or property given to a warrior in return for military service
any member of the feudal nobility who investeed a vassal with a fief
any member of feudal nobility who vowed to serve a lord in exchange for control of a fief
Under William of Normandy, 5000 men cross the channel into England.
Norman Conquest
Under who did the norman conquest take place?
William of Normandy
long embroidered cloth which depicts the events leading up to the 1066 Norman invasion of England as well as the events of the invasion itself.
Bayeux Tapestry
An effort to rescue Jerusalem from Muslim Turks.
Christian crusades
thousands of children are sent to recapture Jerusalem.
childrens crusades
•made no conquest of the holy land

•did not slow down the spread of Islam

•did not permanently secure any territory

•did not stop the westward advance of Muslim Turks
Results of the Christian crusades
What was the result of the childrens crusade
all of the children died or were enslaved
•To love was to suffer

•Love may be proven by deeds, even death.

•Women became rewards
code of courtly love