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What was The Hudson River School?
a group of landscape painters
Who founded The Hudson River School?
Thomas Cole
John James Audubon
anthropomorphic prints, birds
daniel boone
hero of manifest destiny
Albert Bierstadt
painted landscape, gold light, progress is God's will
George Catlin
celebrated Native American culture
charles king
paints Indian's as noble and then as savages (buffalo picture)
Fredrick Church
leader of Hudson river school, heart of the Andes, America's first celebrity artist
American luminescence
sea=emblem of consciousness, calm, continuous light.
western art
dream of west/expansion
fitz hugh lane
painted Massachusetts bay, luminescence movement
steam train
symbol of American progress
Thomas Moran
first pictures of glaciers
Fredric Remington
action paintings, last stand; little big horn
opposite of assimilating
civilians taking "justice" into their own hands. sign of a breakdown of government
collective violence
response to industrialization, larger patterns of violence
cattle barons, coal company
resisted incorporates, dinividual capitalists, economic problems behind violence. rustlers, miners, mother jones
connected to resisters, people doing the work should make more money
honor code
protect family, property, leads to collective violence and individual violence
code of the west
defend reputation
gentle tamers
stereotypical view of women, peace keepers, wanted men to defend their honor